FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sophie Hunter really own and run her own fan site?
Yes she owns it. The Report’s own domain name research uncovered it in January 2016. She is the registered owner of the website, even though the information she makes publicly available lists non-existent people or “SH Central” as the owners.
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We’re not sure if she or a friend/family member is actively running it though. Even though it’s a website supposedly for her “career”, which she’s never had much of, note how most of it is dedicated to her social appearances since marrying Cumberbatch and the designer clothing she wears.

Is she a celebrity then?
No she is not. No one knew or cared who she was before dating Benedict Cumberbatch, and no one really cares now to be honest. The numbers don’t lie.

Do famous people typically run their own fansites?
No! Fansites are, as the names suggest, run by fans. The only fansites that are secretly run by the actual entertainers are unknown and desperate actors/singers, trying to create an online presence for themselves, because no one else knows who they are.

Is she Jane Birkin’s niece?

Is she an opera director?
No. An opera director, according to Wikipedia, is someone “in the theatre field who oversees and orchestrates the mounting of a theatre production (a play, an opera, a musical”. Hunter only directed one obscure performance in late 2015 for a few dozen people, it received poor reviews, and stole a French company’s idea.

She has never had any affiliation with any major or minor opera house.

Furthermore, a friend of ours who has worked in the London opera world says people laugh at how Hunter uses her husband’s name to promote herself as an “opera director”.

We should also note that Hunter promoted herself as an opera director from June-September 2015. When The Report and other blogs on Tumblr began calling the accuracy of that claim into question, the press mysteriously stopped referring to her as one and reverted to playwright.

Is she a playwright?
No. She at one point to have claimed to have written one play, but the person publicly listed as the playwright to the performance says she alone wrote it and Sophie Hunter merely helped her afterwards.

Is she a theatre director?
She has been the “associate director” (not the same thing as an actual theatre director) and listed as being on the “creative team” to several small time performances, most of which opened to very poor reviews.

She has never been the director of a major production. She has never been the director of even a minor but known and acclaimed production.

Is she a singer?
She can’t sing but she did sing on an album a long time ago. There is also a live recording of her in 2010 showing absolutely no vocal skill or sense of pitch.

Is she a clown?
She did graduate from a circus arts school in Paris, and has incorporated puppeteering into some of her work.

Is she an actress?
She used to be one until about 2005 when she gave it up. If you ever see her acting, it will be no surprise to you why she never succeeded and why she received such poor reviews.

So what is she?
She doesn’t appear to be anything in particular. Judging from her actual work (not what she hypes herself to be in the press), she is a part-time theatre worker with limited talents, with most of her work coming through connections she made through her ex-boyfriend Conrad Shawcross.

When The Report first began publishing on WordPress, a Cieran Hinds fansite referred to Hunter as a “failed socialite”, which we think is the most apt description of her. It does seem most of her life involves parties with people richer and more famous than her.


When did Sophie Hunter start dating Benedict Cumberbatch?
According to one of Benedict’s friends in November 2015, they began dating in June 2015. The friend said it was not a serious relationship until late that summer.

When did Sophie Hunter become pregnant?
Some time in mid-late August 2015.

That seems rushed! Was her pregnancy planned?
No, Benedict stated in October 2015 the baby was not planned.

Is Christopher his son?
Only DNA can tell, but there is much room for doubt, from the fact they were not a serious couple when she was pregnant to the fact she was away in Scotland and he was in Canada during the time she became pregnant.

Did Sophie really drink during her pregnancy? And how much?
Yes she did. And a lot apparently.

Why does this press article I read say they’ve been dating 1/2/5 years?
Because they’re either pulling it out of their arses, or Cumberbatch’s publicity people wanted to make it look like they were a more serious couple and had been together longer than they truly had been so he could save face.

Why was there such a rush for him to marry her?
We really don’t know. The speculation tends to be in two camps:

1 – Benedict was in the middle of an Oscar campaign for The Imitation Game and getting married a week before the voting ended would increase his odds of winning Best Actor.

2 – Benedict is old-fashioned and felt he had to propose to Hunter and raise the child, or Hunter’s family insisted they marry because they’re religious (even though there’s no evidence they’re devoutly religious in any way – certainly getting pregnant to a guy you barely know isn’t indicative of traditional Christian values).

Of course, the answer could be both.

Why did Sophie Hunter say they knew each other for 17 years before dating?
It was either a blatant lie to thwart any accusations she’s a gold digger or fame whore, or they met one another and were barely acquainted a long time ago. 17 years from 2014 is 1997, when Cumberbatch was at university in Manchester and Hunter was at university in Oxford. Manchester and Oxford are about 250km apart from one another. People from the two universities on the opposite sides of the country who are majoring in completely different subjects typically do not mingle with one another.

What we do know is until the summer of 2015, they were not close friends, if not friends at all. Cumberbatch’s close friends have been well documented. They of course starred in a 2009 film together that filmed for 21 days in 2008, and it is reported when they were in the same room together for viewings of the film, they did not sit or chat together.

What kind of income was Hunter earning when she met Benedict Cumberbatch?
From what we can tell, next to nothing. Furthermore she was living in New York, USA, where she doesn’t hold citizenship and would have very limited work rights, from 2010 to June 2014. We’re not sure how she was legally allowed to work in the USA after her obscure one year residency with a theatre ended (a residency which it’s suspected she received only because her ex-boyfriend Conrad Shawcross had received it the year prior).

She only did avant garde theatre work in New York City. The last time she worked for sure before meeting Cumberbatch is 2013. From 2010-2013 the work she was doing would not have paid much, if at all, as avant garde theatre is not a profitable kind of theatre. Hunter has admitted in the past to having her lavish lifestyle funded by her parents, and The Report thinks it’s safe to say that’s how she survived living in a city where a studio flat easily costs $2,000 a month and you have to prove you earn 40x the monthly rent to secure it.

So is Hunter a gold digger, a fame whore, or both?
Considering how extensively and consistently she lies about her career, and has spent almost two decades trying to become famous and consistently failed, she’s definitely a fame whore trying to remake herself as a “director of theatre and opera” according to her own website, when she has neither the work history, the talent, or the academic credentials to be one.

Since she enjoys the finer things in life but doesn’t have the work ethic to develop a career for herself that can sustain her lifestyle, we imagine the chances are good she’s a gold digger too.

Do you think she became pregnant and told Benedict Cumberbatch the child is his deliberately, for his fame and fortune?

Are there other celebrities who have fallen prey to women who trap rich/famous men like this?
Yes, it’s more common than you think. Having said that, sometimes it’s not only the woman scheming, but the man being reckless as well. Since Cumberbatch managed to not impregnate anyone before, we think the chances are low he was reckless.

Rapper Wiley says a one night stand is keeping his baby only because he’s famous, and the woman bragged about sleeping with a ‘nig nog’.
Salma Hayek’s billionaire husband got a rich and famous model pregnant after they’d broken up, then demanded $46,000 in child support.
Hugh Grant knocked up two of his one night stands in 15 months.
Tennis star Boris Becker on his one night stand: “It was a mistake which will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

I’m a Benedict Cumberbatch fan and he has always seemed like a happy guy. His photos with his ex-girlfriends show a man who likes to cuddle and smile with his partners. Why is he always so sullen or angry around Hunter, and why does she act the same way around him? They both seem all smiles when they’re around anyone but each other!
This has been noted by many people, and along with the funky relationship/pregnancy timeline discussed above, a sign their relationship is not what Cumberbatch’s publicity team makes it out to be.

Why do people believe their baby is fake?
Some people suffer from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that cause them to have obsessive and paranoid thoughts, which often leads to beliefs in conspiracy theories and connections/meanings when in fact there are none. We’ll leave it at that.