About The Report

The Sophie Hunter Hype Report was created as a result of months of research put together by numerous people on social media and news forums that showed the proven, written and photographed record about the relationship between Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, and Sophie Hunter’s career, differed significantly from the stories put forward by their public relations team in the press.

What We Stand For And What We Don’t Stand For

The Report understands there is a large portion of Cumberbatch’s dedicated fanbase who do not like Sophie Hunter. Many of these people refer to themselves as “skeptics”, as in they are skeptical of Cumberbatch’s publicity team’s efforts to paint their relationship as a legendary romance when the reality is far more sobering, or that Hunter is an accomplished woman when her work history has been fabricated.

Within this community of skeptics, there is no one consensus on the major issues. Unfortunately there is a small but vocal portion of skeptics who feel justified harassing Cumberbatch’s friends and colleagues on social media about his marriage to Hunter, claiming Hunter has blackmailed him and that her son doesn’t exist. Some of them track down the personal details of those who say on social media they have seen Cumberbatch in the street or live in his neighbourhood. Others fraudulently claim to have insider sources telling them highly defamatory things about Cumberbatch as the reason why he became entangled with Hunter.

The Report emphatically condemns anyone who engages in such tactics and we wish to distance ourselves from people claiming to be “skeptics” who engage in such behaviour. The Report bases our articles only on eyewitness reports, video evidence, and verifiable facts. 

Many of them have also hijacked the Black Lives Matter and gay rights movements, among other social justice camps, intermingling such issues with their Cumberbatch skepticism in an attempt to claim some kind of moral ground. The Report, which is spearheaded by an actual woman of colour, finds this racist and disingenuous.

We understand there are other Cumberbatch fans who stalk and doxx skeptics, including those engaging in the above behaviour. We condemn this too. In fact, we consider these two groups of people to be no different from one another: mentally disturbed individuals with conspiracy theories that have little basis in reality, making them feel entitled to harass, abuse, or endanger the safety of other people on the internet. Regardless of whether the hate is pointed towards those who criticise Hunter, or those who know the British actor and harbour the delusion his friends can “end the relationship”, The Report has zero tolerance for all extremism.

About Our Sources

The Report uses the same high standards as any reporter working at a mainstream newspaper, website, or program to verify and confirm sources. We use equal discretion to protect their identities and safety. The Report can promise its readers we have verified the full names, contact details, and work histories of its sources to ensure they are who they say they are and have the access to Cumberbatch and Hunter they claim to have.

On this blog we sometimes refer to other people who have done research in this matter as “xx Anon”, such as New England Anonymous, the academic who discovered Hunter had plagiarised the work of Dr. Angela Moorjani. While this may sound cloak and dagger to outsiders, many skeptical of the hype surrounding Hunter have found themselves doxxed, harassed, and stalked by other Benedict Cumberbatch fans who are highly volatile in the face of any criticism of the woman in his life. In New England Anon’s case for example, prior to her publishing Dr. Moorjani’s email I, one of the two people who run this blog, took care to ensure her identification as someone with a Master’s degree in Literature couldn’t be used to find her name. Conversely I also took care to ensure she was who she said she was by verifying identifiers with third parties.

The authors of this blog offer a guarantee all such cases will be treated with the same delicacy that ensures not only accuracy of the information we present but the safety of the people who help present it.

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  1. Transfer over? From your tumblr? Which I should really more actively explore but tumblr loads so slowly for me. Thank you for your hard work by the way. Y’alls hard work. And for answering my comment! I know answering questions is a choice not a requirement so thank you for thanking the time. I really enjoy how this blog is presented. Any thoughts on their upcoming holiday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. The posts on this WordPress contain the most important posts from that website. Our Tumblr is more chatty and informal. And you’re very welcome! We’re happy to know you like the presentation. We actually like the WordPress format and presentation of the information better than Tumblr.
      I personally don’t have thoughts on the holiday other than it’s clumsy to announce you’re going on holiday when your fans have bought tickets to your TV show’s convention, with the hope it’d be announced later you were turning up. His people must have known that. It’s manipulative and almost a spit in the eye. “I COULD stop by and sign autographs but I’d rather be doing something else.” There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but announcing it looks bad, disrespectful.


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