The Only Video You Ever Need To See That Proves The Affection Between Benedict Cumberatch and Hunter Are Staged for Fan/Public/Media Consumption

The loudening chatter Cumberbatch’s wife is a cold bitch to him on the red carpet have clearly been heard by his publicist: the second paparazzi start snapping in NYC April 2016, she forces him to put his arm on her. The second photographers say they’re done, she coldly pushes him away with her arm, not caring his arm is awkwardly clinging to her shoulder.


This was clearly another staged paparazzi shooting. They walked out of their hotel prepared, holding hands before Hunter’s behaviour bizarrely exposes how faked their acts of affection are. Also notice how the photographers thank them at the end and Cumberbatch tries not to “break character” by desperately trying to hold onto Hunter’s shoulder, another sign she only wanted his arm around her for the cameras.

Hunter’s aggressive grabbing of his arm to put it on her shoulder almost looks like a dance move, when a man takes the woman’s arm to twirls her on the floor.

You  may recall in April when only the photos of this shoot existed, we stated it was obvious how the moment they saw cameras they went from being cold to one another to faking affection for the cameras, most likely because gossip on the internet has been rampant that Hunter acts like she hates her husband. (A curious observation considering she became pregnant no sooner than she began dating Cumberbatch, and her displays of hatred towards him began not long after.)

See our April post regarding this for more:

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife Fakes Affection Whenever She Sees The Cameras: Her Latest Move in A Dead Career of Bad Acting

The Report’s underlying question to all this behaviour still stands: why did Hunter become pregnant no sooner than she began dating Cumberbatch, and why has Hunter treated Cumberbatch with hatred and condescension from their first public appearance together weeks after their engagement was announced and when she was less than three months pregnant, continuing to the present day?


Video courtesy of Splash DV:


3 thoughts on “The Only Video You Ever Need To See That Proves The Affection Between Benedict Cumberatch and Hunter Are Staged for Fan/Public/Media Consumption

  1. I want to share something that happened to me today. I was browsing in my FB feed and I stumbled upon a post of Benedict and Sophie that read: “does she even realise how lucky she is?” One user replied: “yes, she always sees him in a loving way”. I replied that I had never seen such photos and then she posted one. I commented: “Wow, she is smiling at this one. Thanks for sharing” and then they started to say: “We definitely see in pictures what we want to see”, I made myself clear that I meant she looks always serious… and then other people started to harassed me!
    I really don’t know what is wrong with that people because I don’t say something mean or a lie!

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    1. I’m sorry you were harassed, Gab. But it is typical of fans like that. I know every fandom has fans like this, but with many Cumberbatch fans it seems if you say anything less than pure idolatry, they will abuse you. As for her smiling in a picture, there is a history of photos being published where they look like a happy couple, but when the video emerges, it turns out she smiled for one moment in time, which is of course what gets published, and the rest of it was her acting like a 5 year old brat towards him, and being very controlling and bitchy towards him.

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      1. I have seen people like that in every fandom too, but this is just too much, when you can’t even say something different from what other people say because you are being hateful, not nice, jealous, envious and other adjectives (some of them are very heavy) .
        I have never seen fans like that, seriously, I like that guy, he is nice and a good actor, but I don’t idealise him nor his wife and as you say in a comment before, it’s sad that people try to make him and her perfect just to have someone to look up to.


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