Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife Demands He Carry Her Three (!) Wardrobe Changes: Why Does An Actor’s Jobless, Nobody Wife Have Three Outfits for One Event When No One Recognises Her or Cares About Her?

Cumberbatch’s wife, The Great Fart, insisted she wear three different outfits for an event she was only in the audience for: her latest fanciful whim for convincing herself she’s someone, an important person.

The Report has a great job idea for Sophie Hunter: carry your own clothes. It’s a job that requires such little talent, even she could pull it off. And unlike her dead-in-the-water theatre career, she would be making herself useful for once in her life.

We won’t bother giving you photos: no one cared what she wore. Aside from being so dull she can’t carry her own wardrobe, it may also be another controlling, manipulative play from her, which she is known for. She had her little diva moment, even if she was the only one who noticed.

To demonstrate the lack of fucks given for what she wore, we never saw one outfit and the only reason we saw the third is because of a Cumberbatch fan taking a photo.




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