Let’s List All of Sophie Hunter’s Nepotism Since She Gained Access to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Money

It’s a clever move by Hunter: even if she and Cumberbatch divorce, she will have already syphoned hundreds of thousands if not millions of his money to her family members.

nepotism [( nep -uh-tiz-uhm)] Favouritism granted to relatives or close friends, without regard to their merit. Nepotism usually takes the form of employing relatives or appointing them to high office.

We talk about Sophie Hunter the gold digger to the point it almost gets taken for granted, so let’s explain why: the big clue is she became pregnant, allegedly to him, without Benedict Cumberbatch’s consent or knowledge less than 3 months after they began dating (see our article Cumberbatch Admits He Never Planned To Become A Father with Hunter). She has also consistently tried to launch her career off the back of his name. If that is not good enough evidence, the consistent pattern of her syphoning his money to her family members specifically for services rendered related to her public life as his wife is very telling.

There is a clear pattern of nepotism in Hunter’s post-Cumberbatch life as soon as he gave her access to his money. This has never fully been discussed, so let’s make a list:

1 she hired her aunt’s brother in law to arrange the wedding

2 she hired another aunt’s brother-in-law to choose her ugly, overpriced clothes for her appearances where no one ever cares what she wears other than to ridicule her (and because she can’t dress herself apparently)

3 she hired her brother to design their wedding rings

4 she works at the pace of one or two small potato productions a year. They take place out in the country and get poor reviews, and yet she gets at least some of this work with her distant cousin Clementine. It’s unclear who is giving who the connections here.

5 she describes herself as Jane Birkin’s niece. She is not her niece.  You have to go about four generations back, two or three times over, then three generations back down until they are related. She has also referred to Birkin’s nephew, the artist David Birkin, as her cousin.

The above patterns of behaviour speaks volumes about how Hunter and her family view the role of family: to them, blood relation is ruthlessly used to gain and protect money and power. And we wonder why this woman, who’s lived off her father’s money her entire life, trapped a rich and famous actor by deliberately becoming pregnant as soon as they began dating, to his horror.

A note on the uncle-sort-of, the stylist: he attended one event with her, where she wore one of her ugly frocks. I BELIEVE he may have also walked the red carpet with Cumberbatch and the wife once at the fall 2015 Burberry show. A stylist walking the red carpet with his client, who is an unknown wife of a celebrity, is needless to say unheard of and never done. Why it was done will likely forever remain a mystery: the best I can think of is she feels she needs backup when he becomes upset at her for throwing tantrums on the red carpet.  I can’t think of a more plausible reason. The only clue is the video footage we have where Cumberbatch starts to talk to her at the same time her uncle-sort-of does, and she ignores Cumberbatch to turn around and talk to the uncle-sort-of. That instinctive, unconscious behaviour tells you all you need to know about who she feels closer to and respects more.


A longer form of this originally appeared here on our tumblr as a response to a reader.


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