From possible scrounger to homeowner in less than a year?

From time to time there are certain facts that have been released to the public, whether by Cumberbatch’s PR or by a genuine light, that enable one to connect some dots and shed some light on Hunter’s true personality.

While The Report has always been dubious of claims Hunter lived with Cumberbatch when she became pregnant in September 2014 (for all kinds of reasons, from her having family in London and I’m sure many friends she knew better than him that she could stay with, to the fact they only began dating June 2014), let’s take the claim at face value.

If Cumberbatch took her under her roof upon her return to London in June 2014, at the house he lived with Olivia in, she went from being a scrounger in June to demanding he buy her a new house because she refused to raise a baby in the house he shared with another woman by April 2015. (For those unfamiliar, an article appeared in one of the red tops in spring 2015, which is how the public became informed when and where they’re moving).

For a house she now refuses to live in, she certainly had no problem living with him in it when she became pregnant and having sex with him there!

But of course when you trap a rich and famous actor by telling him you’re on birth control when you’re really not, I suppose you start to feel entitled to his money…because that was the point.



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