Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife Fakes Affection Whenever She Sees The Cameras: Her Latest Move in A Dead Career of Bad Acting

If the latest photos of Cumberbatch and his wife are any indication, it is clear his publicity people are aware people notice his wife is repulsed by him: the innumerable times she cringes at his touch, the dirty looks she gives him, refusing to let him hold her hand…and how he gets even with her in his own little ways on the red carpet.

So perhaps it is not surprising the last days of Dr. Strange filming consisted of numerous staged paparazzi outings (many are staged, not just with Cumberbatch, but all celebs) where as soon as Hunter sees the cameras, she begins to touch her husband: it is obvious she’s been ordered to act like a decent, normal wife.

For example, as we previously noted, this photograph sequence clearly shows Hunter goes from keeping her distance to acting like a doting wife and mother the moment she sees the paparazzi photographer.

The question still remains: why does this couple feel the need to fake things for the cameras? And why did Hunter hate the man she married? She displayed her dislike of him since they first went out together after their engagement, when she was already pregnant and less than half a year after they began dating. There is over a year of video evidence showing how she loathes being touched by him, and The Report is of the opinion that likely hasn’t changed: she received a smack to act for the cameras is the only difference.

And if Hunter did not or does not like her rich and famous husband so much she rebelled against all the times he touches her…why is she not divorcing him? Or at the very least, not showing up to events with him?

We’ll let our audience decide.


5 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife Fakes Affection Whenever She Sees The Cameras: Her Latest Move in A Dead Career of Bad Acting

  1. Since I started to follow Cumberbatch’s career I saw his wife like a really strange woman. (Many people would say we are jealous or many other things, but I can say it’s not that, because I don’t like him like that) Buy every time they are seen together Benedict is always very angry and Sophie is always smiling and looking at the cameras like she is enjoying it (and many of his fans says Sophie is afraid of fame) or when they are in the red carpet Benedict always asks “are you going to be OK?” and Hunter is always like: “leave me alone, I am famous”.
    I saw her in Burlesque Fairytales and I can say she is disastrous as an actress. I never heard of her before marrying him (even when his fans say she is an accomplished actress and theatre director and singer and I don’t know what else).
    But the worst part for me is that they had been dating like three months when she was already pregnant and I firmly believe that Cumberbatch married her just for that reason.
    Thank you for your page.


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