Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife Cheating On Him? Who is the Man with Her at The National Theatre, Walking Closer To Him Than She Does with Her Own Husband?

These photos come to you via an anonymous submission to  We’ve copied the submitter’s friend’s observations after the jump. The Report notes Hunter is walking closer and with more natural easeness with the man than she ever has with her own husband when photographed seemingly without her knowledge. We’ll include video of the distance she keeps with Cumberbatch at the bottom for comparison (including our favourite where the videographer captures the moment she moves closer to Cumberbatch as soon as she sees the paparazzi).


Hi Sogo – my friend saw Sophie and a man tonight at the NT after Le Blanc. She said they behaved very close – crossing arms the whole time, and the man gave her his scarf to wear after they were walking out. He was wearing a leather jacket and holding a motorcycle helmet. Do you have idea who the man is? Could it be her brother?


SoGo: Looks too young to be her uncle/stylist, and I’ve never seen her brothers with such short hair.  (But obviously hair can be cut.) Thanks for sending this in!)







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