What do we mean when we say Sophie Hunter trapped Benedict Cumberbatch with a baby? A response to a reader.

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An anonymous reader asked:

I’m bothered by the whole idea that BC is actually trapped by SH & she is controlling him. She’s so smug & he’s so unhappy. It’s understandable – if he’s in a difficult relationship & knows he has some difficult decisions to make in the near future – but I hate to think his unhappiness is because he has no way out. Do you think that she has really trapped him – or do you think he’s just putting on a brave face & waiting for a good time (or some test results) before he decides his next move?

When I say trapped I’m using the term commonly used about situations men find themselves in where they had no intention to become a father with a particular woman and/or that point in time, but the woman tells him she is on birth control when she is not, or she stops birth control without saying she has, in order to become deliberately pregnant by the man. Some women do it for the guaranteed paycheck that comes with it. (Some women do it “to always have a part of the man”. I doubt that is the case here, as Hunter acts like she never wants to have any part of him around…except his money LOL. I know that sounds creepy but some women view romance in a very controlling and obsessive way like that.)

I don’t know what field you work in, Anonymous, but as someone who knows many people in show business and knows many in the upper class and upper middle class, I can tell you show business is littered with women trying to set themselves up for life by snagging a rich and/or famous man. The most devious way to do this of course is to trap him with a baby. (Amy Winehouse wrote about the women who chase footballers so they can be rich and famous by extension called “Fuck Me Pumps”.  Tori Amos wrote about women who chase musicians for the same purpose called Professional Widow…it’s widely considered to be specifically about Courtney Love.)

Why do we say Sophie Hunter trapped him with a baby?

Some things about Cumberbatch and Hunter we know are fact:

1 her pregnancy was not planned. See Cumberbatch’s interview last fall where he admitted it and our article on it here: https://hunterhypereport.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/cumberbatch-admits-he-never-planned-to-become-a-father-with-hunter/

2 one of Cumberbatch’s friends said they only began dating in the summer of 2014 and only became serious in the late summer. Given we have a vintage clothing shop owner saying Cumberbatch was only a friend in late May 2014, we can say for sure they began dating June 2014 at the earliest.

3 Cumberbatch was filming in Boston for most of June 2014 and into July. Hunter was nowhere to be seen, and many fans saw him alone, save a “date” with a blonde in Boston.

4 He spent July in the USA and Italy. Hunter was nowhere to be seen.

5 He spent August in Italy and London. Many people photographed him and Hunter was nowhere to be seen other than at the French Open.

6 In late August he was dating a tall skinny blonde woman. He took her to the theatre and people took photos of the two of them leaving together. They were published in The Mirror. See question 2 in our much-disseminated post: https://hunterhypereport.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/21-questions-about-benedict-cumberbatchs-marriage/ and originally here: http://bitchy-sophiehunter-pics.tumblr.com/post/115371371654/21-questions-every-healthy-skeptic-asks-about

It is therefore safe to say dating Hunter in the summer was casual, sporadic and lackadaisical. When his friend said the relationship became serious in late summer it begs the question of whether it only became serious because she told him she found out he was pregnant.

There are other things that need to be taken into consideration when asking whether she trapped him:

-she has always lead a lavish lifestyle but with no source of income or full time job (not uncommon for women from wealthy families who have more desire to find a rich man than develop a serious career)

-numerous witnesses, including friends of The Report, have recounted her entitled attitude that she must be worshipped and adored as some artistic genius even though she has absolutely nothing to show for it (the example I like pointing to is our friend who worked in Hamlet with Cumberbatch who said she walked in and told someone in the crew to her husband’s play, “The colour scheme is all wrong.”)

-she is only nice to people she deems important enough for her. In the days before anyone knew they were officially an item or not, people on social media who served them consistently said he was nice but his girlfriend was a snob.

-she is dishonest about her work history and lies about being very closely related to famous people she is not

-she has been consistently and repeatedly malicious, mean, arrogant, and disrespectful towards her husband, from their first appearance together after their engagement was announced until the present. I can objectively say it is unlike anyone has ever seen with any celebrity couple, especially over such a long stretch of time (celebrities have had arguments and off days with cameras snapping: a consistent dislike of one’s husband is another thing.)

The above all combined gives us an excellent glimpse into her personality: a woman whose opinion of herself and her success in the world is far removed from reality. A woman who is arrogant, egotistical, bases her own and other people’s worth on how rich and famous they are as opposed to whether they are good people, and who is conceited and self-serving. She is someone who will stop at nothing to better her lot in life through means of deception and hurting other people. Most people like this will become discomforted by the disconnect between how the world sees them and how they view themselves. They then become desperate for self-validation through superficial means like money, power, and treating others they deem beneath them with disrespect. These external superficialities re-enforce their delusions and that nagging feeling of the lack of self-fulfilment that satisfies their egos.

So considering the clearly accidental and unplanned circumstances around her pregnancy, and what we can see about her it’s fair to say she deliberately became pregnant to get a slice of Cumberbatch’s fortune and fame after her lack of talent disabled her from achieving it on her own. It is also safe to say the child’s paternity should not be taken for granted. There are plenty of children conceived in wedlock as a result of the woman having a secret affair, and even more where a couple is casually dating and the woman lies about who the father is, or at the very least does not herself know because she had unprotected sex with several men within a brief span of time. This happens across all social classes.

Any man in Cumberbatch’s circumstances should get a paternity test ASAP, and especially if they are wealthy.

But to answer your last question, “Do you think that she has really trapped him – or do you think he’s just putting on a brave face & waiting for a good time (or some test results) before he decides his next move?” I really can’t say. I’m sorry, I wish I could.

Realistically speaking, unless she’s blackmailing him it’s difficult to see how he’d be trapped. I think his first motivation is to access to what he believes is his son. I have no doubt he loves the kid far more than he cares for her. His body language and facial expressions when around her gives the impression of a man who is forlorn and exasperated. I think that is the last thing he wanted when he became a father.


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