Reader Reactions to Hunter’s Smug Self-Promoting and Awkward Interactions with Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange Promotional Street Photos

Benedict Cumberbatch looks stressed out and upset as he briefly babysat his wife on the Dr. Strange set, while she smugly smirks for the cameras and appears uncomfortable with his arm on her shoulder. It was an overcast and rainy day in New York, yet Hunter was oddly wearing sunglasses (she’s not working on set, or working at all – ha! perish the thought). Our readers responded.

It’s clear to The Report and those who know the ins and outs of show business that this weekend’s paparazzi photos were arranged to promote Dr. Strange and likely also promote the public image of Cumberbatch’s marriage (which we’re sure Hunter salivates at the idea of to raise her own profile). The photos taken earlier this week in New York City that we discussed in our last post shows a more real look into their marriage: Hunter kept a distance of about half a metre away from Cumberbatch as they walked down the street, and he appeared exhausted listening to her talk. The moment they saw the paparazzi photographer, she immediately walked on the other side of Cumberbatch and began holding his left hand and began smiling, to promote the idea she was a happy wife. (The photos are linked in that last post too.) This is a continuation of every set of photos we’ve seen of the couple since Hunter became pregnant (she was already well into her pregnancy by the time tabloids were reporting she was with Cumberbatch): she hates being touched by him, she treats him with contempt, BUT over the past 12 months she has learned to act more warmly when she knows cameras are there.

We thought we’d collate for our WordPress readers the reactions of our readers on Tumblr, plus one eyewitness account:

I think the only people who’d care what we think are people who know there is something to prove. Otherwise they’d just behave normally wouldn’t they? He’s naturally affectionate, even hugs and kisses male colleagues all the time, so you’d imagine him doing the same to his own wife. Instead, we get hand-grasping and marching together like she’s taking him to the gallows to be executed. He used to be so natural around Olivia, yet he seems to have reverted to Victorian etiquette with “the love of his life ™ ”. We really do not even need to elaborate: images speak for themselves PS: Also her body language: When he has a hand on her shoulder, she’s actually making an effort to lean AWAY from him. Maybe his breath stinks. Has to. LOL


If you notice that Sophee is leaning away from him rather than into or towards him same ol’ same ol’ lather rinse repeat

Anonymous reader says:

It’s easy to see the barely masked contempt on SH’s face in those pics as they talk to the crew. The corners of her mouth turn down even when she smiles at them. She appears truly satisfied only in the pics with just her and BC, and in those ones he looks like she just shot his dog. This is such a weird relationship.

HHR’s response to Anonymous: 

4 thoughts on “Reader Reactions to Hunter’s Smug Self-Promoting and Awkward Interactions with Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange Promotional Street Photos

  1. I just stumbled across these posts and OMG. Is that why he named the baby Christopher? Because it sure sounds like he’s living the real life version of Parade’s End.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Edith, welcome to our website. While no one knows for sure why the name was chosen it is definitely talked and joked about among the groups of people we speak to that Cumberbatch’s circumstances do bear an uncanny resemblence to Tietjens’s in Parade’s End. To make things even weirder Cumberbatch had said in 2012 that he admired Tietjens greatly, which we think says something about him as a person. (yours truly argues Tietjens was a fool.)


  2. I always thought that name had a special meaning for him and after reading that Christopher Tietjens is his favorite role and now reading all this posts I think he is living Parade’s End…. But that means someday he will find his Valentine.


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