“The PR Show” goes on.

We at The Report was wondering why there was the sharp spike in visitors Monday (both here and on our Tumblr: http://hunter-hype-report.tumblr.com). Well yours truly knows now: there was another batch of paparazzi photos of them with the baby, this set also highly suspected to be arranged because of how you see them react as the photos progress.

For readers not familiar with “arranged paparazzi photos”, while most people who read about celebrities believe paparazzi photos take the celebrities off guard, the truth is some – but not all – are actually arranged by the celebrity’s publicists. They are typically arranged to synchronise with other events, such as the release of a new film (or album if it’s a musician), or to curb bad publicity, such as divorce rumours or getting into trouble with the law.

To give one notorious example, when Tom Cruise had just begun dating Katie Holmes they went out on a date and Cruise asked the photographers, “How’d you guys know we were coming?” (or something to that effect) and one of them said, “Your publicist called us.”

The Report refuses to contribute to the kind of publicity Hunter wants and the image she seeks by reposting them here so we’ll minimise deseminiation of the photos as much as possible, but if you like you can see our reblog of Tumblr user and fellow skeptic ppq-1, who called it “sad” and a “PR show”, with our commentary. We have to agree.

You can tell when Hunter notices the photographer has started shooting: she goes from being distant and shrill about something, and then she sees the cameras: she quickly switches from being at his right side to his left side, and suddenly takes his hand and smiles, as if to show the cameras she likes her husband. Cumberbatch, however, seems he couldn’t care less about her touching him.

Cumberbatch and Hunter have done this twice before:

-returning from their honeymoon in Bora Bora, a couple months before Hunter gave birth, Hunter was in her own corner of a lift at LAX until she spotted a paparazzi photographer. She then scooted closer to him so she looked close and affectionate with him.

-in a paparazzi shoot at Primrose Hill, London in May 2015, around the time she gave birth, they were both walking down the street like we see in these new photos. The couple is not touching one another. They are not even within close proximity: they have the body language and facial expressions of distant friends or acquaintances having a disparate conversation. You can tell when Hunter sees the paparazzi are shooting: she suddenly grabs Cumberbatch’s wrist/arm in the manner she did in these new photos, and Cumberbatch could care less she is touching him. At Primrose Hill he just kept his hand in his pocket while this weekend he kept his left hand on the pram.

Let’s just say, as we’ve said many times before, that Hunter’s acting career went nowhere because as her short body of work shows, her skills in the dramatic arts are almost non-existent.

The bad acting continues here.

We’re also curious about why she suddenly switched sides before pretending she has any affection towards her husband.

What yours truly is wondering though is what happened on Sunday? Something must have happened somewhere because looking at our stats bar graph there was a spike in viewers that day too.



2 thoughts on ““The PR Show” goes on.

  1. The side-switching was the first thing I noticed in the recent photos. I assumed it was so
    she would be fully in camera view and not partially obscured by the pram and hubby.


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