Hunter Hype Report Exclusive: CONFIRMED! Sophie Hunter Is The Registrant of Her Own Fansite, Despite Trying to Hide It By Using Fake Names For The Publicly Listed Owners.

The Careerless, Never-Had-A-Real-Job Sophie Hunter Launched Her Own “Fansite” on 4 June 2015, Three Days After The Birth of Her Son; The Website Regularly Uses Her Son to Promote Her Profile As A “Socialite”.

An update to our last post about Hunter owning her own bogus fan site that pimps her fluffed up work history. We use this as further support to our website’s main argument: Hunter does not love Benedict Cumberbatch and she made sure she became pregnant soon after dating Cumberbatch and only married him so she can use him to be rich and famous in her own right, despite having no career or talent.

Our last post can be read at these two links:

Hunter Hype Report Exclusive: Evidence Sophie Hunter runs her own fan site.

Hunter Hype Report Exclusive: Evidence Sophie Hunter runs her own fan site.

Now for our update:

We can now confirm Sophie Hunter owns her fansite, Sophie Hunter Central. DO NOT go directly to the website, which will increase its popularity. The Report has created a buffer so your traffic will go unrecorded:

How did we uncover this information?

We have used for a Reverse Whois Lookup, which gives us the ability to search for full domain names owned by anyone with a given name. We previously used in our last post, which blocks out parts of the domain.

Do note the URL bar at the top as well as on the webpage for confirmation this information was found by “Sophie Hunter”: you of course can go to the website, type in her name, and see it for yourself. This search gives us the names of websites owned by anyone with her name. Sophie Hunter owns her own fansite, We can also confirm she does not own the other domain names, with the possible exception of, whose registration is absent on owner data.


We also wish to note Hunter has tried to hide the fact she runs her own fansite by using fake names as the publicly listed owners of the domain name. If you do a basic search, the website used to be listed as owned by one “Scarlett Wilkins” in Chicago, Illinois, USA before changing to the generic “SH Central” in Dover, Delaware, USA.

There is only one Scarlett Wilkins in the United States and if she has any affiliation to Chicago it’s not on public record. While records online are not definitive, most recent records tend to be there. This Scarlett Wilkins appears to have spent her entire life in the state of Georgia.



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