Hunter Hype Report Exclusive: Evidence Sophie Hunter runs her own fan site.

People following the foul smelling oddities surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife and their marriage know on 4 June 2015 a .net website was launched claiming to be a fansite for Hunter’s alleged career (hint: she’s never had much of one). This website goes so far as to crop Cumberbatch out of photos of the couple and refers to the Oscar nominated actor as “Hunter’s husband” as if she were the star. The names publicly associated with the website’s domain registration have always been fake.

An overzealous Cumberbatch fan who wants to promote his shotgun wife’s career or the work of a woman who only became pregnant and married for the money and fame it could bring her? The Report leans towards the latter with evidence we just uncovered.

The Report sometimes does investigative work as part of our job in “the real world”, so we took advantage of a search tool on to search for all domain names registered to anyone named Sophie Hunter.

Do note the the .net domain name registered to one Sophie Hunter on 4 June 2015. The blanked out spaces fit the name of the fan site.

The Report also notes this means Hunter launched her own site three days after her son was born and a week before the birth was announced, meaning she is tying her financial and career prospects to her own child.

Have fun playing Hangman with the other domains that could possibly belong or have belonged to “our” Hunter.


While we’re at it we put in Cumberbatch’s name and found a domain whose spaces fit cumberbatches/cumberbitches but appears to be neither, a month later.


While possible some creepy fan used their name to sign up for these accounts The Report thinks it unlikely for it to happen in both cases in the space of a month. It’s far more likely Hunter is behind her own fan site considering the time and dedication given to someone with a very thin and unremarkable work life. The website’s registration details have gone through a changing set of fake addresses and phone numbers, none of them Hunter’s name, which still did not prevent her name from being tied to the domain name in the search. Meaning the one name they wanted to hide was hers: not the sign of a fan using the name.



One thought on “Hunter Hype Report Exclusive: Evidence Sophie Hunter runs her own fan site.

  1. Looks like she thinks she is a fashion trend setter, not to be rude, but every piece of clothing (except the red dress she wore at the Oscars) is plain just ugly, I will go further to say fugly. The brown leather dress was the most hideous piece of clothing I have ever seen. Then she had that dress on that looked like someone puked on her, where she try to hide her pregnancy with a purse. Maybe it’s just me, but I seriously would consider to fire her stylist, because they don’t do a very good job of it.


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