Would Benedict Cumberbatch have a second child with the woman of his nightmares to convince the world (or himself?) he didn’t marry her because she trapped him with a baby?

Much has been made of Cumberbatch’s apparent insecurities about not living up to outdated values. It is often cited as the only reason why he married a six months pregnant Hunter, who became knocked up no sooner than they began dating and who treated him with anger and witchy malice so many times IN PUBLIC in the lead up to their wedding. It was inexplicable especially to his fans, seeing the jovial, kind, and carefree guy they came to love fall into a deep and constant misery and sadness the moment he became engaged (though it did begin showing up weeks before like at the Bally store opening in October 2014).

The question now becomes how far is Cumberbatch really willing to live a life of keeping up appearances to do what he believes is saving his dignity (at the cost of his own happiness)? The Report does not believe this has much to do with his reputation for there are plenty of men in Hollywood with many children by many women, with questionable pasts, who are doing fine. It’s a known fact we delude ourselves into thinking things are better than they are and will be better in future when things are either uncertain or much worse: how much self-delusion is Cumberbatch willing to have to play the part of the happy husband? And has he considered a DNA test for the 18 year burden he already has?


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