How Cumberbatch Accidentally Confirmed Sept 2015 Divorce Rumours & How It’s Further Evidence Sophie Hunter Talks to Tabloids to Prove She’s Willing to Ruin His Career to Get What She Wants.


If Cumberbatch’s words on The Graham Norton Show are not a self-defense against September leaks painting him as a negligent father that could only have originated from Hunter, we don’t know what is.

Our readers will recall in late September, in the middle of Cumberbatch’s 6-day-a-week Hamlet run,  rumours surfaced Cumberbatch’s 7 month marriage was headed towards a divorce. A week’s worth of ugly articles alleging Cumberbatch was a negligent husband and father, and Hunter the poor victim, a “single mum”, made the rounds of the tabloids.

As in everything, the question should be asked “Who benefits?”

Of course the answer here is Sophie Hunter benefits: she is seen as the abandoned wife and hard-working mother (also recall our source at the Barbican confirms they have one nanny). Add onto that Cumberbatch himself admitted the child was not planned, and he was slated to do Hamlet in 2014 before he began dating Hunter, and it becomes easy to see how any allegations Cumberbatch is not doing his fatherly duties are a malicious manipulation of facts because his hands were tied. The Report would even go so far as to say the unplanned pregnancy (unplanned by him; not be her) may have been currency Hunter used to get what she wanted: “If you do not do xyz, I will leak stories you’re a negligent father even though your 2015 schedule was chocked full before we began dating, and you will have no defense against the allegation. Because your only defense is to admit the baby wasn’t planned, which I know you do not want to do because you spent the last year trying to convince the world it was not.”

And then of course, a month later Cumberbatch admitted the child was not planned: could this possibly be why he admitted it then, to release himself from being threatened about it in future? Indulge us in this speculation: Charlie Sheen came out as HIV positive for this same reason. He was paying people millions in blackmail money so they would not sell photos of his HIV medication to the press and it was draining his fortune. “This ends today,” he said.

Based on the above, The Report concluded months ago these stories could not have been a publicity stunt by Cumberbatch’s publicity team (led by Karon Maskill, who also represents Helena Bonham-Carter et al). If the rumours were true, they were coming from Hunter or someone on her side for her benefit (including financial, as tabloids often pay sources for stories) and to make her look innocent and good.

The Report now concludes those rumours were true. Cumberbatch’s admission the child wasn’t planned confirmed the skeptic’s would-be defense of him, as argued above, that it’s 100% understandable he couldn’t be a hands-on father due to professional obligations worth millions already signed and sealed.

But should you wonder if the rumours were fabricated, read carefully Cumberbatch’s own words on The Graham Norton Show in November 2015:

“I have a new life form that needs his father’s help in the world and his mother needs a little help once in a whileIt’s what being a parent is about so it’s not an excuse to get away from what I am doing — it’s what I ought to be doing. After three and half hours of Hamlet, I think that’s okay.”

If these words are not a response to the September tabloid articles, we don’t know what is.

The question now becomes: why would Hunter or someone doing her dirty work leak such a tawdry story? It’s not the world’s business they bicker and she thinks he’s abandoning his family. Was the end game to make him look like a bad father and nothing more? The Report doesn’t think so. It seems too petty and short-sighted: The Report thinks the negligent father accusation was a pawn for something else Hunter wants. What that is, is anyone’s guess. There is something else at play, though; it lurks in the background in the many tabloid leaks about Cumberbatch’s private life that seem to have come from Klan Hunter.

Lastly, to respond to Cumberbatch: The Report’s opinion we think it’s not okay, especially when there is a nanny to help the mother and you’d signed on to play Hamlet in early 2014, months before you began dating Hunter. She could have had an abortion, or you could have cancelled the Barbican run. It’s manipulative, evil, and shirking responsibility to lay blame on the one person in the marriage with an actual career.

Articles courtesy of Celebitchy, Just Jared, and CelebDirtyLaundry.



2 thoughts on “How Cumberbatch Accidentally Confirmed Sept 2015 Divorce Rumours & How It’s Further Evidence Sophie Hunter Talks to Tabloids to Prove She’s Willing to Ruin His Career to Get What She Wants.

  1. Wow! I didn’t know that (maybe because in the groups I am, they almost worship Sophie like an intelligent, kind and wonderful person and mother) but I really doubt about Benedict’s ego and he being that way. We have enough material of everybody around him that says he is a very straightforward and humble person (he only looks pissed when Sophie is around) and fame is just a part of his life. But she knew his schedule and is obvious that he could not be always there, so she should stop being the “abnegated mother” and take care of what she made.
    I also have observed that Sophie is not a friend of anyone in Sherlock’s cast, strange thing because they are really close to Cumberbatch
    Thank you for giving me a place to say what I think without being judged or telling me “I am jealous”.


    1. This is the problem The Report has with fandoms in general, though Cumberbatch’s fandom is particularly rabid and unrealistic. They idolise and idealise him, and her by extension, even though reality is almost slapping you in the face saying otherwise. Women who are mentally well and mature do not worship a complete stranger because she married a celebrity. They wouldn’t have known or cared she existed had she not met Cumberbatch. Even Naomi, who runs Cumberbatch’s fansite and is his unofficial mouthpiece, voiced her annoyance and displeasure at Hunter’s snobby attitude in 2014 before it was known Hunter was engaged to Cumberbatch. Our opinion is these women are desperate and need the fantasy of the perfect, idealised actor and wife they can worship in order to satisfy something missing in their own lives. We find that sad.

      I do agree with you he seems most pissed off and not himself when around her, and to complain about his work schedule, planned years in advance, is unreasonable, controlling, and almost maniacal, considering she chose to continue a pregnancy after dating Cumberbatch for only three months. That is an unreasonable demand to place on anyone of either gender.
      I believe Hunter knows Andrew Scott but they appear not to be close friends but rather acquaintances. Other than that, it is true and I hope it stays that way.
      You are most welcome, Gab, your intelligent and level-headed comments are welcome here any time!
      I don’t know how common the “you’re just jealous” ad hominem gets thrown out, but it’s the kind of immature and silly accusation that only someone immature and unwell enough to worship Hunter would make, and without rare exceptions very untrue.

      Liked by 1 person

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