What do non-skeptic Cumberbatch fans think of Hunter?

Our readers may recall we had a recent poll that showed a whopping 56% of our readership were people who dislike Hunter and her attitude, but remain silent for fear of reprisal from other fans.

For an inside look into what non-skeptics think behind closed doors, keep reading. Here’s anecdotal evidence, from a conversation from someone with involvement in non-skeptic circles about how Cumberbatch fans really think of Hunter once you remove the fear of abuse from fans who harass anyone who does not like her. This person is a member of private groups on social media and elsewhere on the internet. Thanks to this person for allowing us to publish this bit of the conversation.

Well in the private group no one likes her. My friends outside of it are mixed. Some squeal over new pics and call them the cutest couple ever. Others just sit back and wait for the divorce.

HHR: is there anything in particular they base that on?

Mostly the shotgun thing

HHR: so even though they don’t say anything critical, privately they acknowledge it was shotgun

they’re not as stupid as some of them make themselves out to be in other words

Yeah exactly. They think it was a stupid move and it’s going to crumble. Marry someone you barely know just bc she’s pregnant and it’s not really a recipe for success is it?


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