Welcome to our new readers.

The Report has gotten a spike in new readers this week. We posted this welcome message a week ago on Tumblr and thought we’d republish it here, as people have found its contents helpful.

HELLO to all newcomers and new followers to The Sophie Hunter Hype Report, one of the big three blogs on this topic (and the only one on WordPress). We discuss footage of Sophie Hunter treating her husband, actor Benedict Cumberbatch maliciously, and investigate the fraudulent/exaggerated claims she makes about her career and life. 

The Report reached our prominence and popularity through 1) talking intelligently and rationally about Hunter, her cruel and manipulative attitude, her dishonesty, and how she became pregnant no sooner than she began dating Benedict Cumberbatch with a cool logic and reason that many of our readers say is hard to find elsewhere, and 2) regularly publishing exclusive firsthand accounts of Cumberbatch and his wife from a friend of ours who worked on the Barbican production of Hamlet Benedict Cumberbatch starred in earlier in 2015.

We should take this opportunity to thank our friend at the Barbican, who we sometimes refer to as “X”, for talking to us, trusting us with their confidence and privacy, including all their private details to verify they are who they say they are, and giving us ongoing eyewitness accounts and their valued opinion based on almost half a year worth of observations from working closely with Cumberbatch and their and others’ various unfortunate encounters with Hunter.

Consider us a crowdsourced, ethical, and intelligent alternative to your mainstream UK tabloid press. You’ll find no conspiracy theories or abuse on this skeptic blog. We have a dedication to facts and truth, which is partly based on our investigative and journalistic histories, and partly based on our philosophical inclinations. It’s earned us criticism and abuse from those who peddle conspiracy theories, blind hate, or nonsensical talk instead, and it’s something we’re proud of and that we wear as badges of honour.

We don’t take other people’s words or ideas without giving credit or asking permission to do so; we wished others could do likewise. (We try to be as fair as possible, even to Hunter despite her…….unfortunate personality.) We can’t promise we won’t be assertive and defiant in the face of such stupidity and malice, but we try to be as positive as we can in the face of bullying, abuse, gaslighting, and negativity.

What we offer our readers is why many people flock to us and whenever something involving Cumberbatch’s private life hits the news, they come asking our friend’s take on it based on what they saw backstage at the Barbican and what others there told them based on their impressions of Hunter.

If we do engage in speculation, we do you, the reader, the honour of letting you know we’re by no means trying to argue it as fact.

This is our WordPress, which contains the major posts and exclusives on our Tumblr blog.

Our main Tumblr contains those posts, as well as every day chit chatter. 

I, the main writer of this blog, consider my two finest hours on Tumblr to be these two posts and encourage everyone to read them even if it does not pertain to you:

A Response To A Reader About Maintaining One’s Sanity and Defending Oneself Against Bullying  

Another Response to A Reader About Maintaining One’s Sanity and Self Care    

We also link our oldest major posts at the top of each page of the Tumblr:

21 Questions Every Skeptic of Benedict’s Marriage Asks

11 More Questions Every Healthy Skeptic Asks

16 Questions About The Claims Made by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife On Her Work and Personal History

The Master Post of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife’s Aggression and Repulsion Shown Towards Him in Public – November 2014 to April 2015

Hunter Hype Report exclusive: your first legitimate and confirmed insider’s account of Benedict Cumberbatch behind the scenes at Hamlet and his relationship with his wife. A face to face interview in London, 9 September 2015.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Turning Into A Hermit Because His Wife and Her Family Love Blabbing to the Scummy UK Tabloids He Hates? A List of Things We’d Never Know About His Private Life Were It Not For The Hunters.

This is our Tumblr for major posts only for those wanting to wade into the basic criticisms of Hunter but don’t like going to WordPress. 

For more comprehensive reading, we highly recommend the following tags:

The tag for all questions readers have posed to our friend who worked with Benedict on Hamlet.


Our posts regarding bullying from extremists on both sides of this argument:


I’ll leave our new readers once again with another important page:


The Hunter Hype Report aims to promote the community known as “skeptics”, those that question the accuracy of the press hype surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent personal life events, those who discuss footage of Sophie Hunter treating her husband Benedict Cumberbatch maliciously, and investigating the fraudulent claims she makes about her life, as one that is not obsessive, malicious, bullying, or irrational. We recommend the following blogs that are similar:









The Hunter Hype Report does not endorse:

-bullying and mobbing people

-plagiarising fellow skeptics

-peddling conspiracy theories with no reasonable evidence to support them

-harassing and stalking other fans, including those who harass people critical of Hunter

-harassing Benedict Cumberbatch’s friends on social media about Hunter

-harassing and stalking people on Twitter and other social media because they claim to have seen or met Benedict Cumberbatch

-engaging in tactics to marginalise those with different views in order to dominate the conversation



2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new readers.

  1. Thank you for your blog, it is wonderful and it’s clear you investigate before posting something… And you are not a “crazy fan” that thinks things like “I want Benedict for me, that’s why I am doing this” as many people who believe everything could think.
    I always thought that Sophie had something that doesn’t fit with Cumberbatch personality, now I know I was not wrong. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Gab, I thought I replied to you earlier but I did not. You are welcome. There are some blogs on Tumblr who criticise Hunter that do NOT do their investigative legwork. In some cases, the people have some serious mental health issues and come up with some wild conspiracy theories, they’re as far based from reality as the people you spoke of who think Hunter is some great wife and mother who treats Cumberbatch well and likes him. It’s bizarre to say the least. We like to be as fair as possible on The Report and we come to conclusions only based on overwhelming evidence, preferably with a history to establish a pattern (such as Hunter’s behaviour towards Cumberbatch and how she hires all her relatives since marrying him).
      As I said in my other response to you, the “you’re jealous” argument is an immature and slightly delusional one that only those who are immature and mentally unwell enough to worship Hunter would make. I like to think that even to the disinterested eye it’s obvious there is something very “off” with Hunter.

      Liked by 1 person

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