The Cumberbatches say NO to Sophie Hunter for Christmas: the Cumberbatch family has holiday dinner without Hunter for the second year in a row.

What happily married new father has Christmas lunch with his parents without his wife and alleged son?

The Report has three eyewitness accounts of Timothy Carlton, Benedict’s father, ignoring or brushing off Hunter in public. In one account, he barely acknowledged her, while he warmly hugging Benedict’s friends. Another eyewitness saw him bury himself in a theatre program to avoid speaking with her. So should it be any surprise that for the second year straight, Hunter is nowhere to be seen for Christmas dinner with Benedict’s parents?

Considering Wanda Ventham’s noted warmth and kindness, it shouldn’t be any surprise eyewitnesses report she is warmer to Hunter, but given her husband’s disapproval and the deep love between the couple, The Report is confident Benedict’s mother is on the same page as her husband at the end of the day.

Reports made the papers days before Christmas 2014 Benedict was dining with his parents, with his four months pregnant fiancee of two months absent.

It seems like the birth of Hunter’s child, which Cumberbatch believes is his hasn’t changed a thing for Christmas 2015. (The Report is not so sure it’s his considering they were barely dating when she claimed he got her pregnant.)

Paparazzi photographed Cumberbatch with his parents in the Cotswolds, 22 December 2015, with Hunter and her son absent.

One big happy family, this is not, regardless of what the UK and US tabloid press wants the public to believe.


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