Is Sophie Hunter A Bitch?

Many newcomers to The Report ask us this question privately so we’ll answer en masse. Is she really as mean and cruel as she appears? Is her ugly, abusive attitude just one of the signs of a woman who trapped Benedict Cumberbatch with a baby when they were only casually dating to enjoy the fame and fortune she failed to get herself?


tumblr_nfxq63s4Td1u4hcbgo1_500 tumblr_nfxq63s4Td1u4hcbgo2_500




Should the unwarranted aggressive and angry behaviour captured on video above not convince you, read all of our previous posts on if Sophie Hunter is a bitch:


2 thoughts on “Is Sophie Hunter A Bitch?

  1. It seems like his friend Keira doesn’t like her either. She is a close friend of Cumberbatch, if she doesn’t like Hunter there must be a very good reason.


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