Has Hunter Leaked Another Negative Story to the UK Tabloid Press to Create A Rift Between Benedict Cumberbatch and His Parents?

This article alleging Cumberbatch’s parents are upset about his Syrian refugee appeal appeared in Sunday’s Telegraph, 6/12/2015.

Readers may recall we considered this matter in a few posts in early October.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Turning Into A Hermit Because His Wife and Her Family Love Blabbing About His Love Life to the Scummy UK Tabloids He Hates?

A List of Details About Benedict Cumberbatch’s Private Life The Public Knows Only Because His Wife and Her Family Tip Off The UK Tabloid Press (And Probably For Money Too)

While The Report can’t prove Hunter was behind this new smear, these randomly leaked stories about Cumberbatch’s private life, from his bird collection to “watch this space” to how Hunter forced him to buy a new house because she refused to live in the house he’d shared with Olivia Poulet, never made the press before Hunter was around. With the exception of his sister talking to the DM once, we knew nothing about what went on inside his four walls, and nothing is how it should have stayed.

Some other things to consider:

if this story is true, only a few people would be privy to it unless there was a family fight in a restaurant. This may have to do with his career, but this would have clearly been a private conversation between parents and son.

-Their son is playing the role of a lifetime, and they’re upset with him because of…a humanitarian crisis? All available evidence points to the Cumberbatches as a warm and compassionate couple.

-the other people privy to such an argument would most likely be his sister, her husband, Adam, maybe James. Maybe not even Karon since this was a private family thing.

And her.

The Report doesn’t see any of those other people putting this story in the press. They’ve all been in his life for many years, and The Report cannot recall one private matter where he has upset a close family member appearing in the news media. Even if someone were angry with him, they wouldn’t retaliate by going to the news media. They would know he’d consider that a deep betrayal, especially considering how ultra-sensitive and paranoid he is about his private matters appearing in the press.

Knowing from our Barbican friend and source how his people notify him of tabloid stories the moment they hit the press, and before they do in some cases, The Report wonders what Cumberbatch thinks of this and whether he is starting to wonder if Hunter has consistently been leaking his private life to the tabloids this past year.

It is worth keeping track of stories like this to see if there is a pattern on who breaks them. From early this year, these stories have appeared in a seeming rotation of tabloids and with various reporters, with some recurring names like Simon Boyle and Charlotte Griffiths who runs the Girl About Town column in the Daily Mail, who both landed some of the “major scoops” ahead of everyone else.


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