Hunter Creeped in the Background of Cumberbatch Fan Photos In May 2014: Proof Her Scheming Began Before They Were Dating? SHOCKING photos!

Cumberbatch’s people said on the engagement’s announcement he only dated Hunter casually since summer 2014, getting serious in late summer. This means their first date was in June and she became pregnant as soon as or before they became serious (her baby was born 1/6/2015).

The story these May 2014 photos paint a picture of Hunter desperate to leech off his fame and fortune. Remember she was living in New York at this time. How was Hunter to ensure she could continue to lap up the adoration that comes from being around a celebrity when he’s on a different continent? Well we know what her answer was now.

Even if you already knew Hunter was a gold digger, these photos are shocking because they show how persistent she was to worm her way into his limelight.

We have no less than three photos of him, two fan photos, where she is creepily lingering and loitering in the background. She was no more than an old acquaintance to him at this time. In the photo taken by Jamie Byng she appears to be posing by how she stuck her nose in the air, even though Cumberbatch and Byng could care less about her or they’d have included her in the photo. (See our previous posts on how her nose in the air is her signature move to display her sense of importance and entitlement.)




Our favourite:


One year has passed and a very pregnant Hunter in April 2014, moments after recoiling from her husband’s kiss and calling over Byng to avoid acknowledging Cumberbatch, is keen to make sure her head is as close to Byng’s…on the other side of her new husband’s. Compare how happy she is and willing to hold Byng’s shoulder to the countless videos of Hunter refusing to let her husband hold her hand, shrinking at his kisses, removing his hand from her back, and so on and so forth. And notice how Cumberbatch is made to look a fool while his wife is grinning with her head nuzzled up to another man: a look she has never displayed when at her husband’s side. Most certainly not in the seconds leading up to this shot.




One thought on “Hunter Creeped in the Background of Cumberbatch Fan Photos In May 2014: Proof Her Scheming Began Before They Were Dating? SHOCKING photos!

  1. Hi, Admittedly, I am not a skeptic–although I don’t know if that actually makes me a “nanny,” either. But I have been a Cumberbatch fan since before his engagement/marriage, and have followed a fair amount of the talk/gossip/speculation surrounding their relationship, including most of the serious “skeptic” claims.

    So wanted to mention/ask about a few points that I have not seen addressed anywhere, as possible speculation that is an alternative to Sophie Hunter being the most manipulative, scheming b*tch on the planet (thus making Mr. Cumberbatch also the most gullible…)

    1.) In some paper, possibly the Daily Mail, there was an item that has since been widely posted about Benedict having some new “secret girlfriend” or “love interest” who he was “smitten” with since/around April, 2014. It was said that she didn’t want any attention, as she had a “serious career,” so they were being very low key. Later, I heard/read that Mr. C. was upset about the leak. Could this have possibly been Sophie at that time? If not, has anyone definitively figured out who the article was referring to? I would think that if it wasn’t Sophie, by now someone would know who it was. And if the relationship was serious enough to merit a blurb, why no subsequent info. about its demise when Hunter (or others) came on the scene?

    2.) Not sure of the timing of the Hay Festival thing, but I believe it is sometime around April/May, so if Sophie WERE the person referred to in the blurb, it might better explain her “hanging around” in the background of these photos, if she and Ben were already dating/re-acquainted. I have also seen a photo somewhere in my surfing (sorry can’t remember where), that shows Benedict and Sophie appearing to be walking off together (although not side-by-side) at the Hay Festival that year. I suppose you could debate whether or not they were together by looking at the photo, but it is at least one plausible explanation for the image.

    3.) I also read in some of my surfings something which referred to a “package” being delivered at Benedict’s home. (Again, sorry about not remembering where I see some of this stuff–most likely the “SoGo” blog or BenophieDaily, both on Tumbler). I got the impression that the package was addressed to Sophie, and also that inferences had been made that she had moved into his place by that time. And I am not sure when that was. June rings a bell in my head, but I have absolutely nothing firm to base that on.

    4.) So here’s a scenario that I have never heard “floated,” but sounds more realistic to me: They meet/become re-acquainted sometime prior to or at the Hay Festival. But let’s assume Sophie is the woman referenced as the person he’s already dating/boyfriend-girlfriend and “smitten” with in April. He’s looking to get married, she’s got a lot of the right pedigree, in a similar field, (arguably) beautiful, smart, the right age, probably looking to settle down also, baby clock is ticking… So at some point between April and August–maybe this is where June comes in, she is tentatively or unofficially moved in to his place. Things are going relatively well, marriage is on the table and/or more-or-less a given–if not to the point where there’s a definite date or plan–and so they start playing “baby roulette.” Maybe she’s on the pill, and they hear that it could take as long as a year for her to get pregnant. So they play the odds and start “trying” earlier, expecting to be unsuccessful for several months. With the idea that sometime in the next year or so, they’ll get married and keep on with the pregnancy efforts until they are successful. But lo and behold, she gets pregnant right away, and suddenly everything gets put on hyper-drive. It’s not a “shotgun” situation per se, but things aren’t happening in the expected order.

    I have seen the clips of Ben mentioning that Sophie’s pregnancy, and this is as plausible an explanation of his comments (to me) as any of the others that I have heard. No, the baby wasn’t “planned,” exactly, but that doesn’t mean that the baby wasn’t wanted, or even that they knowingly practiced “recklessness,” together, because a pregnancy wasn’t an unacceptable outcome.

    Now, as to whether or not the couple is “on the rocks” now, questions about her benefitting from the association, her aspirations, etc., etc., I can leave that all wherever it lies. Certainly, she has a face and a profile that lends itself to accusations of snobbery and arrogance, regardless of her real feelings. There are people with a baby face, or stern features, that come across a certain way (or are unable to come across in other ways), simply because of their face structure and fat distribution. I had someone call me an “ice queen” because of how I looked when I wasn’t smiling, but that just described the *look*. Anyone who knows me would know that I am the furthest thing from an actual “ice queen,” but I know what my face looks like, and I can understand how someone would draw that conclusion from not knowing me, and just seeing my face when not smiling. I am not saying that this is the case with Sophie; I am saying that it may be a possibility, which I have never heard anyone mention.

    Finally, it is known that having a baby is one of the most stressful things that can happen in a relationship. Under the best of circumstances. And getting married is a big stressor also. Doing those two things in quick succession, although not unheard of, is never looked upon as a high probability undertaking. But when there is baby clock pressure in the scenario, and the people are established in their careers (even if not making much money from them) and mature, I can see someone deciding to take the risk—especially if they were very in love and/or the relationship was going well.

    But it’s not ideal, and still quite high risk. But if you want to have your own children, and have them with someone close to your age, and you are already chasing forty, your window for making a decision is much narrower than it was in your twenties. Period.

    That’s just my two cents’. I don’t know that anyone besides the couple involved will ever know the real story. I don’t know if it’s going to work out for them, if there will be another child, or if one or the other will end up giving a first-hand interview someday that more definitively illuminates what actually happened. Because there is now a child in the world who needs and deserves to be loved and cared for, especially when so young, I hope that they are able to have/keep a good relationship and give him a loving home together. If not, then to me, that is the real tragedy of the entire story. Two adults getting married, for whatever reason and under whatever circumstances and manipulations, can do whatever they want. And if there are “bad actors,” well it happens in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people. And yes, I am aware that there are unscrupulous women around who deliberately get pregnant by famous/rich/ powerful men in order to advance their own status and/or financial positions. Again, my upset or sadness about that situation is because the children produced are real and end up being the true victims.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.


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