Hunter tries to lie her way to yet another new career: she wants to be a playwright now according to Burberry.

The Report believes we may have asked this in a previous post: what play has Hunter written?

Answer: none. This lie is a perfect example of why we exist and are called The Hype Report.

Hunter’s wikipedia page claims she wrote the The Terrific Electric, the play that bombed after opening to horrific reviews in 2007. That is a lie. The mastermind of the play gives this credit on her website:

Directed by Vanessa-Faye Stanley and Sophie Hunter.
Based on an original idea by Vanessa-Faye Stanley.

One would think that since Stanley is not only the director but the person who came up with the idea for the play, she would give credit to her co-director Hunter if Hunter truly did write it.

The Report wonders how Ms. Stanley feels her former collaborator claims she wrote the play that was in fact her, Stanley’s, baby.

Not even the wikipedia page frought with lies and errors claims Hunter has written anything else since 2007.



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