A Note On Cumberbatch Fans Who Stalk, Harass, and Abuse, While Falsely Accusing Others of Doing The Same

No one but the authorities and Cumberbatch’s team has any idea of who stalks and threatens him and people associated with him, but between the divide of fans that worship his wife and those that dislike and criticise her, there is a clear and consistent public record of who is willing to engage in menacing, deceptive, and illegal behaviour.

Over the past year there have formed two groups of Cumberbatch fans: those who idolise and obsess over his wife because they idolise and obsess over him, and those that admire him and his work but have unearthed the consistent dishonesty in his wife’s work history and how maliciously she treats Cumberbatch in public.

Those that idolise his wife see Cumberbatch and his wife as perfect, infallible human beings. Their rabid, religious-like fervour gives them a sense of entitlement to give him gifts (which he does not want and is a nuisance to him and his people), abuse and harass anyone on social media that takes a photo of Cumberbatch in the street or says anything mildly critical of the man or his work.

Their holy-roller mentality also makes them feel justified in complaining to Cumberbatch’s publicist, talent agency, and friends about the fans that dislike his wife.

They tweet them.

They send them letters.

They send them emails.

They write notes and give them to Cumberbatch or his people in person.

The fans who idolise Cumberbatch and his wife publicly post the names, home addresses, and phone numbers of those who criticise his wife, including minors.

They phone the schools and family members of those who criticise his wife, encouraging them to expel them, send them to psychiatric care, or put them into foster homes.

They create hate blogs about those who criticise his wife.

In many cases they exaggerate the distaste those of us have towards her; in some cases they simply fabricate stories to make people who don’t like his wife look like crazed, obsessed stalkers when in fact there is no history of anyone on Tumblr who dislikes Cumberbatch’s wife engaging in such behaviour. There is one person on Twitter who consistently crosses the line but as far as yours truly is aware this person has no support from anyone else; it has been suggested the person is actually faking rabid hatred of Cumberbatch’s wife to make everyone else look bad by association. We also note there are a few on the extreme end who out of their dislike of his wife have made up rumours about why Cumberbatch married her, including drug use and prostitution: all but 2-3 people who speak out against Cumberbatch’s wife disavows this behaviour.

In 2015 there have been numerous incidents where people associated with Cumberbatch have had their safety threatened. Most notably, there was the incident where Martin Freeman and his wife were the subject of death threats on a mysterious Tumblr account. Within hours those who obsess over Cumberbatch’s wife were accusing those that don’t like her of being behind it, with no evidence to support that fact. In fact, whenever a mysterious person pops up to engage in behaviour that suggests a psychotic or delusional disorder, this group of fans who idolise Cumberbatch’s wife (more so than they idolise him at this point) are quick to point the finger at people that criticise his wife. The latest incident was the one that hit the media about a woman leaving ribbons at the actor’s house.

This blog has from the start disavowed any form of abuse, harassment, and stalking towards anyone. This blog does not pretend to know who is stalking and harassing Cumberbatch and his people, but this blog puts forth to all readers there is only one group of Cumberbatch fans with a proven track record of engaging in identical behaviour towards other fans. It is not those who criticise his wife.


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