From the mailbag. Post-natal depression, some questions about 2014 events, and alleged photos from the Black Mass premiere showing Timothy Carlton ignoring Hunter…again!

Submitter 1 says:


Hi, I have considered it and it’s very possible, but I wouldn’t assume PND is the cause of her attitude even if she does have it. The big factor that makes The Report discount PND is:

  1. she was treating Benedict with malice consistently long before she gave birth.
  2. while she consistently treated him disrespectfully both after and before the birth, she is very happy in the presence of anyone else, like her relatives/colleagues in the nepotistic horse opera she collaborated on in July 2015, her own mother, and other celebrities.
  3. Depression typically doesn’t manifest as targeting just one person with malice and disrespect.

Many depression and PND suffers are very happy on the outside, and you’d be none the wiser they were in hell inside. This fact has come into the spotlight recently with Hayden Panettiere’s announcement she’s sought treatment for her PND.

Submitter 2 says:


Hi Submitter 2, thanks for your long, kind, and thoughtful email. I’m keeping it short with just the few paragraphs because there were many mistakes with the following ones. Many of the events you spoke of happened a month after you said they did and in one case, I believe Cumberbatch was in Toronto when you were trying to say he was in London. As for Roland Garros, I believe Cumberbatch was sponsored to be there by Lacoste, so I doubt he paid for his tickets and he likely received a +1. Thanks for the photo links though and I agree with you this is the best one. It seems to be one of her favourite and most frequent lip gestures, showing her disapproval, which seems to be almost everyone and everything. Hookworm Lips! Anus Lips.


As for the August date, I believe it was disproven the Elle editor was out with him.

The submitter then made mention of a photo showing Benedict’s father Timothy Carlton walking to avoid Hunter at a recent London event. She has since decided she didn’t want us publishing her words in a screencap.


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