The Latest Hunter Hype Report Exclusive. Our Barbican Source: Sophie Hunter “Has A Face Like A Slapped Arse” Even In Private. A First Hand Account of Her Frigidity, Arrogance Next to Happy Husband and Son.

Ever wondered if your eyes are deceiving you about Hunter’s ice cold behaviour? Think maybe she’s a warm person in private and you have her all wrong? Think again. Our friend and source at the Barbican has had another first hand interaction with Cumberbatch and his monster bride.

Our friend asked us to hold off on publishing this for a certain amount of time, so we’ve redacted particulars about times and days to obscure it.

Source X: “…meant to say I’ve seen Christopher now…Benedict is an adorable and doting Dad and was holding Christopher all of the time. Sophie was being….well, Sophie. It was like those pap pictures come to life. Don’t mind you posting this but please hold off for a day or two as saying I saw him…might give me away.”

HHR: Did she say or do anything or did she just sulk? How was his interaction with her?

Source X: “She has a face like a slapped arse. I mean I can’t tell if she’s miserable or if that’s just her face. I know that it’s been commented on before that she isn’t very expressive and that’s certainly true. I didn’t really see them interact at all…she was sort of just walking with them while Benedict cooed and doted over him. I mean I don’t expect people to smile all the time but when your husband is being really cute with your baby son you’d think you’d summon up some sort of reaction…I don’t want to be cynical but part of me wondered if they were in today to counter those trouble in paradise rumours.”

HHR: “Well what I was about to say is maybe someone has been reading our interview and maybe that’s why she’s miserable in front of you guys.”

Source X: “I mean maybe but I’d be surprised. Think they’re more worried about the mainstream media than anything that’s said on Tumblr.”

HHR: “…It goes towards my theory she’s just in it for herself. The baby was her albatross/meal ticket…did she speak to you guys at all?”

Source X: “No she seems to only speak to people when she needs to. She’s not a very chatty person, unlike her husband”

HHR: “Weeeeiiiird. Did she speak to him at all and if she did how was she? Did she interact with the baby?”

Source X: “I didn’t see her speaking to him or interacting with Christopher. Other people did though”

Moving onto the topic of the divorce rumours and how Cumberbatch and his PR quickly countered them with a PR blitz, including paparazzi photos of him holding his son.

Source X: “Even if the rumours aren’t true they were clearly bothered by them. I think Benedict definitely wants to paint this picture of the happy family man even at work…he’s not the sort of person who would ever let that image slip. If he’s in a bad mood he usually blames it on not being able to see his son but I do wonder if there are things going on at home. I mean Sophie didn’t look happy to be there today. But if he wants to see Christopher then she has to be there cause she’s still breastfeeding…It just really struck me how sweet and doting Benedict was being while she didn’t even crack a smile. It was enough for me to feel broody and I’m not even a broody person!”

The conversation moves back to Hunter’s personality…

Source X: “In a way I think she’d like to take her money and her C list fame and not have to deal with him anymore though”

HHR: “I can’t read her. One minutes she’s annoyed with him yet she loves the attention. And her temper. She needs a shrink!”

Source X: “She is very all over the place. I think she knows when to put it on though. Today she wasn’t on show and she looked bored. Which is like…you’re married to this beautiful, talented man and have a cute new born son but you can’t crack a smile? What’s going on? Though obviously she’s learned how to put it on. In the beginning she was clearly a PR nightmare….I mean I never believed Benedict would bring his kid into this but eurgh. That’s clearly what’s happening. I think she probably got told to behave by Karon or someone else. Cause if it’s had on much longer more people would have noticed…”

And as an aside, our source’s observation in light of the recent interview where Benedict said the hardest relationship break-up he’s been through was with cigarettes (highlighting, once again, how instinctively he dodges questions about his private life to keep it private…unlike his wife and her people who leak his private life to the tabloids – see previous post on The Report for more) and another interview comment where he admitted he did not plan to become a father this year or with Hunter:

Source X: “It makes me laugh how Benedict is claiming he quit smoking….he’s cut down a lot for sure but quit…hmmmmm. Also can’t believe he actually admitted that the baby wasn’t planned. Honestly thought he’d go to his grave claiming they got engaged before she was pregnant.”
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