A List of Details About Benedict Cumberbatch’s Private Life The Public Knows Only Because His Wife and Her Family Tip Off The UK Tabloid Press (And Probably For Money Too)

In conjunction with our last post, we want to delve into something sinister both The Report and our source at the Barbican have noticed: Cumberbatch’s private life was a blank slate before Hunter arrived. Now everything about his love life is displayed for public consumption and it’s not hard to see by the wording of the quotes that appear in the tabloids it’s likely Hunter and her family behind it. It’s as easy as reading the anonymous sources that talk to The Mirror, The Sun, and The Daily Mail and seeing they are the words of someone who knows Hunter better than than they know Cumberbatch, and is more sympathetic to her than him.

So let’s start:

September 2014: Hunter’s mother Katherine speaks to The Mirror, a British tabloid, giving them a coy “you never know…watch this space” when asked about her daughter possibly dating Cumberbatch.

Not exactly a classy thing to do. Manipulatively bragging to the most dishonest and disreputable rags in the nation about your daughter attaching herself to a celebrity isn’t exactly a good thing if you want to convince a celebrity you’re not out for his money and fame. This is common sense and basic decency.

October 2014: when rumours of Cumberbatch going to Edinburgh to visit Hunter’s mother surface, The Mirror is sure to include a bit about him going to visit the mother instead of the traditional asking of the father because Hunter is closer to the mother than the father after her parents’ divorce. While Hunter has whined in the past that her rich girl upbringing was not in fact privileged because her parents divorced (play the smallest violin in the world), this bit about her being closer to her mother was always unknown because Hunter was never a celebrity. So how could The Mirror have possibly known such a private thing?

Did Mummy Hunter decide to have a swipe at her ex through the tabloid press?

Or did Hunter herself ring up the tabloids and tip them off as the first hint to say “I just trapped a famous actor with a baby”?

5 November 2014: someone claims Hunter began dating Cumberbatch only that summer 2014 and it only became serious in the late summer. She was likely pregnant by late August.

It doesn’t benefit Cumberbatch to advertise to the world his girlfriend said she was knocked up so soon after they began dating and it’s safe to assume that if Cumberbatch had any say, this comment would not have been in the press.

6 November 2014: The following day a photo of Hunter’s brother and mother are in the UK tabloids: they are not celebrities and unless you are very famous and in a “paparazzi hot spot” in London, like Chiltern Firehouse or The Ivy for example, no one is going to take paparazzi shots of you unless you hire them to come and photograph you.

January 2015: at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Cumberbatch looks appalled Hunter’s sleazy choice of dress highlights how pregnant she is. He looks upset around her all night, though he is jovial around everyone else. The strange appearance starts the rumour mill, forcing Cumberbatch’s PR to issue a statement saying Hunter is pregnant a couple days later.

Given Cumberbatch’s mood is so dour, it’s safe to assume this was Hunter’s doing without Cumberbatch’s knowledge. It also establishes a pattern with the first two incidents above.


May 2015: UK tabloids report Hunter made Cumberbatch buy them a new 2.7 million pound house because she refused to live in the same house he shared with his ex, Olivia Poulet. The article appears in guess where? The Mirror, the Hunter family’s leakage outlet of choice.

Needless to say, Cumberbatch or his family or friends would never say anything of this sort to the press. Cumberbatch private in his words and actions before Hunter entered his life, and you can go back and look at the press record for proof: this kind of information simply never entered the public sphere because he was intensely private. From the article linked above:

The source added: “You can’t blame Sophie for wanting to move somewhere else. Nobody wants to be reminded of their husband’s past relationships.”

We have reached out to Benedict’s reps for a comment.

The fact they reached out to Cumberbatch’s reps for a comment is telling: if his reps were the source of the rumour, i.e. he himself was leaking it for publicity, they obviously wouldn’t have said they turned around and asked the source of the story for a comment. It came from elsewhere. Who outside the Hunter Klan and her friends would know about such private financial and real estate matters?

(P.S. Demanding bitch much?)

June 2015: Keeping in mind Mummy Dearest lives in Scotland, The Scottish Mail originally reported Cumberbatch has “an impressive collection” of toy birds:

I hear he has a secret fascination with birds — the winged variety, of course — and plans to transfer the impressive collection of toy birds and gold bird cages that he has amassed in his Hampstead bachelor pad.

Of all the years Cumberbatch has been famous, we clearly never heard about this before. Why? Because he decided it was no one’s business and everyone else in his life at the time clearly agreed. So who decided it was a good idea to dish this tidbit to the Scottish Mail?

September 2015: the first set of divorce rumours hit the press. Keep in mind Benedict’s family and friends have never portrayed him in a bad light to the press. This is obvious: they clearly love the man. So pay attention to the wording of the quotes in the divorce rumours. Pay attention to who looks good and who looks bad by this source’s words, and who in the couple’s life would offer such a low perspective of Cumberbatch:


In another article, thanks to @twerkbatch for the photo, there’s an additional detail of sleeping in separate beds:


If you’re in doubt about any of the above, ask yourself: would we have known any of these details had Hunter never entered his life? And can someone who talks to the tabloid press that Cumberbatch loathes love him and have his best interests at heart?

The Report wonders what next bit of Cumberbatch’s home life is going to leak out into the press thanks to his fame and money hungry wife and in-laws.


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