Why Did Cumberbatch Refuse To Walk The Red Carpet with a Pregnant Hunter in October 2014, Then Explain “We weren’t engaged then.”?

Hindsight is 20/20…

but the best explanation for Cumberbatch’s “we weren’t engaged then” to explain why his pregnant girlfriend didn’t walk the red carpet with him in early October 2014 is: between whenever she told him she was pregnant and 4 November, she was likely mulling whether to have an abortion.

If you look at Cumberbatch’s September and October public appearances, he is clearly not a happy camper. He was utterly miserable when a month prior he’d been on top of the world. His reaction to the unwanted pregnancy probably factored into the possibility of an abortion.

If she’d walked the red carpet with him at the London Film Festival of The Imitation Game and then had the abortion, we’d have likely never seen her again, and people would have wondered what happened to his girlfriend.

Also, readers, keep in mind Mummy Hunter’s “you never know…watch this space” announcement to the tabloid The Mirror came smack in the middle of the “I know she’s pregnant but I won’t marry her if she won’t keep it” period: early-mid October 2014. Which makes her braggart comments even more vile. Diehard Cumberbatch fans have always been perplexed by what that phrase meant in this context: it likely meant “you might be seeing and hearing more of my daughter if she doesn’t abort her golden ticket, which is of course why I’m encouraging her to keep it”.

“We weren’t engaged then”: the only reason they became engaged was because she was pregnant. So he proposed when she decided to keep it. Simple as that.


2 thoughts on “Why Did Cumberbatch Refuse To Walk The Red Carpet with a Pregnant Hunter in October 2014, Then Explain “We weren’t engaged then.”?

  1. Wow, a fascinating take on the “watch this space” remark make by Hunter’s mother – that never occurred to me, but it makes perfect sense. TBH, I’ve been a ‘fake baby’ skeptic, but this makes me think. What is your opinion about whether there is really a baby? The pregnancy didn’t seem human and BC always talked about the kid using distancing language.


    1. Don’t pay attention to theories. Pay attention to the people obsessed with wanting you to believe those theories that when you scrutinise reasonably are unrealistic and unprecedented in human history: they are bullies, they’re unintelligent, and they lie to people like you and do backflips on their own comments just to keep you believing their theories. The Report will never hoodwink our readers.
      Tumblr is an echo chamber. Find a dozen doctors in your city. A dozen psychiatrists. A dozen celebrity publicists. And any other profession that has some relevance to this matter but have no interest in this matter. They can tell you with greater objectivity and disinterest than we ever can those people are mentally unwell and malicious in their intent to deceive you. And they’ve tried the “doctors and nurses told me it’s fake” with us over a year ago to try and give themselves legitimacy because they know they need it to not sound mad. Thankfully we’re too smart for that. No doctor or nurse makes diagnosis from photos, even as they want to convince you pregnancies are easy to fake in photos. See what I mean? They don’t even know what they believe. Pray for them.


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