From the mail bag: of Hunter, high class hookers, and Harvey Weinstein

A reader asks:

What do you think about that comment in the early days of the engagement where someone said that in fact sh was a ” companion” girl en NY, and she knew BC but he wasn’t in her league until he became the favorite of HW, and the pregnancy, etc, it’s interesting because he predicted the wedding before the Oscars, and a divorce in a couple of years, all arranged by uncle Harvey unfortunately I don’t have the screencap but probably it’s out there in some blog.

If you or someone else can find that comment that’d be great because otherwise I’m offering an opinion based on secondhand info.

I think the idea he wasn’t in HER league is utter nonsense. She’s not exactly a Guinness or Spencer or Grosvenor. Her loose lipped, attention hungry mother was an administrator: that’s job ad talk for a lowly office worker. Not exactly sexy. (Can someone tell me how the paparazzi were able to photograph her unrecognisable mother and brother on the day of the engagement? That’s amazing, even for London.) And the aristocratic line in her family is late if I remember reading correctly. It’s not like her family has had money for centuries: they became very minor aristocrats a few generations ago. Her family are small potatoes compared to the titled nobles who have owned vast amounts of land for centuries. And remember her grandfather’s colleagues were convinced he was a spy against his own country during WWII. Grand British family, indeed. To the American readers, it’s like having an American grandfather who spied for Hitler.

Once you remove the fact she’s a snob who only hangs around other pretentious rich bitches (of both genders), I think the class issue is:

They both went to public schools. They both had upper middle class parents. The only difference is Cumberbatch worked his arse off to get where he is, and she, well, has worked for leisure and went to a bunch of parties with rich people. Having your parents give you money lets you be a brat like that. She has little to show for her expensive education and fraudulent credentials.

We don’t know why she suddenly came onto the scene after years of not giving a shit about one another despite having so many mutual friends, but there is something to be said for the fact she was never his friend until he became famous and never in his inner circle of friends until he became very famous and an Oscar contender. I’m sure Birkin spoke well of his friend to Cumberbatch. I’m sure it helped. I’m sure he thought he could trust her and she’d never be a golddigger or use him for his fame. I’m sure he thinks differently now.

As for Weinstein. Well. Benedict was dating that blonde lady in August 2014. In public. At the theatre where he was photographed and knew he might be photographed because he’d been photographed and tweeted about when at the theatre many times before. He also knew eyes were on him because he was linked to that blond in California earlier that month. If he was comfortable going out and leaving on his motorbike with a blonde woman mere days before Hunter became pregnant, that’s enough for me to conclude that as of 20 August 2014 he was not anticipating having Hunter be in his life in the months to come, let alone walk on red carpets with her…EVER. If you want evidence for that from after the fact, do recall his words in his 18 November 2014 interview with USA Today.

“We both went to the London premiere but not together. We weren’t engaged and there was no reason to sort of show off to the world.” 

lol  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Theories involving escorts and Weinstein sidesteps both this and Occam’s Razor. If you want to say this is Weinstein’s orchestration, then the first question I’d ask is: past behaviour dictates future behaviour, so where’s the evidence he’s done this with another actor? Yes, I know he’s suspected to be at the helm of other PR relationships for Oscar season glory, but they were all with glamourous young women famous or almost famous in their own right.

The whole fuck up last autumn was 1) bad news at the worst time, 2) trying to cover up an accidental/unintended pregnancy by going into PR overdrive, and 3) Cumberbatch and Hunter clearly had no love for one another and may still not lol.

If Weinstein had ANY involvement whatsoever and I were a betting woman, I’d bet when Weinstein was told his film’s star had a PR nightmare, he had some involvement in drawing up a contract/prenup for the relationship purely because of his experience and overall schemy nature. He’s a businessman. He’s in show biz. I’m sure he’s a pro at cover-ups.

I can’t speak to a comment I never saw but I’d guess the marriage before Oscars prediction was a lucky guess.

Granted, for all I know the Daily Mail could have walked into Karon’s office and told her they’d do an expose that would trash Cumberbatch’s reputation unless she agreed to give exclusive access and whatever other demands they wanted, and that’s why we have gotten the bullshit parade of the past year: the UK tabs are not beyond blackmail for a juicy story. And do remember we DO know for a fact there was an agreement for exclusive access with the DM for the positive Hamlet review. Agreements are made beyond closed doors for sure. (For what it’s worth when I was in London my friend who introduced me to our friend at the Barbican did say “that sounds about right” when I told him about the Hamlet DM review agreement. So I suppose it’s typical for them.)

If she were an escort, it wouldn’t be a surprise. C-Z list actresses sometimes double up as escorts when they’re trying to make it. In Paris there was one lady who was notorious as the madame for a shitload of French actresses who moonlit as high class prostitutes for rich men. It was a selling point to the men. And similar goes on in New York City and has for a long time, I know that for sure.

It is no evidence that Hunter was one, but we do know she lived in a country where I doubt any of the avant garde theatre companies she worked for would have had the funds to sponsor her for 5 years (if anyone knows US work visa law better than me, now is your time to tell me whether she could have gotten sponsorship for her theatre work at all) and as far as we know, she has never had a day job. She certainly did not have a day job in the USA. That’s an amazing feat for someone with so little to show for a career.

And if we want to get into the founder/creative director debate again, I also want to add it’s very very easy to found your own theatre company and call yourself founder/director/grand puba of dramaturgy/the greatest theatre bitch ever. All it takes is money. Which we know she has. It means nothing in terms of her prestige, fame, smarts, or talent. All you need is money.

If you look at the financial details of the kind of trust fund brats she’s friends with who set up these shill creative companies, you’ll see they earn little to no profit, and have little cash flow too.

And lastly, there is regional slang in numerous countries for the kinds of women who go into certain occupations and lifestyles for the sole purpose of social advancement and marrying a rich man. For example,

Trixies are described as “social climbing, marriage-minded, money-hungry young ladies that seem to flock to the upwardly-mobile neighborhood of Lincoln Park.”[2] Another description calls them “the women with Kate Spade bags for every day of the week; the ex-sorority girls still lusting after big, dumb jocks; the women who go to law school to find husbands.”[3]

Maybe in 50 years, women who go into theatre and befriend relatives and friends of celebrities to snag a rich and famous husband will be called Sophies.

Thanks to the-fellowship-of-erdemhart for the photo montage.


3 thoughts on “From the mail bag: of Hunter, high class hookers, and Harvey Weinstein

  1. The business about him having a wife/girlfriend for the Oscars and getting divorced was posited in a site called Datalounge, a gay website which makes it its business to trash Cumberbatch. They hate him. They were thrilled when he lost the Oscar, they make fun of him and his fans, they call his fans names I can’t repeat here. They all said he would have a girlfriend, orchestrated by Harvey. Then they all said the engagement would be broken after the Oscars. Then they said he married her because she was pregnant. I have no idea if any of this is true. I do know once it’s out there it takes on a life of its own. I do think it was insane to do publicity for a movie, go to all the Oscar-related stuff, plan for Hamlet and have a wife and child all at the same time.


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