Hunter the Harridan: An Objective Visual History of Her Narcissistic, Egomaniacal Behaviour And Proof Cumberbatch Only Married Her Because She Trapped Him With A Baby

Here on the Report we concentrate on the examples of Hunter treating Cumberbatch like he’s the shit on her shoe. We realised we neglected to cover all the other times she’s behaved badly. There are in fact a few dimensions to Hunter’s Queen of England Complex: she doesn’t hide her hatred towards Cumberbatch and how she feels superior to him, and she doesn’t hide how she feels superior to every other person on the planet. Often her arrogance is on display and not directed at anyone in particular.

We’re going to concentrate on those latter two categories in this post. Join us on this joyous trip down memory lane, starting from before they were even officially announced as a couple.

Want to see Hunter treating just Cumberbatch like shit? Click here.

3 June 2014. First up, long before Cumberbatch was even dating Hunter, Cumberbatch’s #1 fan and unofficial PR outlet, Naomi, whose main account is @Cumberbatchweb on Twitter, was complaining about the unknown woman she sat behind who wouldn’t stop flipping her hair. Naomi probably would like to erase from the record her first impression of her idol’s future wife was a very negative one.


Hunter arrives alone in a van at the London Film Festival on October 8, 2014. Notice the look on her face that is straight out of Mean Girls before she puts on an exaggerated delicate princess act a split second later.

Hunter was 5-6 weeks pregnant in early October 2014 (the child was born 1 June 2015). Keep that in mind when you read Cumberbatch’s bizarre words about this day in an interview with USA Today on Nov. 18, “We both went to the London premiere but not together. We weren’t engaged and there was no reason to sort of show off to the world.”

Does this sound like true love and romance or make any sense to you? “She was pregnant but I didn’t want to be seen with her,” was the subtext of his words.


Because Hunter is unknown and so forgettable, she was mistaken as an Imitation Game extra when Contact Music initially captioned this cold and arrogant photo.


Weekend of 1-2 Nov 2014. Cumberbatch and Hunter are in Brighton UK. Someone who has since deleted their comment asks if a woman of Hunter’s description is there. She replies Hunter is “snobby”. As she is a barista who coincidentally waited on the actor, she clearly had no agenda in expressing her distaste of his girlfriend while saying how sweet he was.


After the strange November 5 engagement announcement, where one of Cumberbatch’s middle names was inexplicably omitted, our favourite couple actually managed to make an appearance together at the New York premiere of The Imitation Game, mid-November 2014. Look at the expressions on both of their faces in their first public showing.

Again, does this look like love and romance to you? Get used to her nose stuck in the air because there’s more where that came from.




Evening Standard Awards, November 2014. No parade of Hunter’s Mean Girls personality is complete without this famous incident where a reporter asked her a question, Hunter ignored it then walked off the red carpet before a giant wall of reporters and photographers, embarrassing Cumberbatch. She then told Cumberbatch’s publicist, the blonde lady chasing after her, to sod off. Video can be seen here; animated captures below it.

tumblr_nfxq63s4Td1u4hcbgo1_500 tumblr_nfxq63s4Td1u4hcbgo2_500


This montage shows seconds prior to the tantrum, her nose was once again in the air.


Later that evening, though, she did seem pleased with herself, making sure the photographers got the best shots of her and completely unconcerned with Cumberbatch. Back to the nose in the air. Also, below this shot, we’ll throw in one of those shots of her drinking while 3 months pregnant.



One of our personal favourite nose-stuck-in-the-air moments, at the BIFAs, 7 December 2014. To their credit, there are shots showing they managed to smile this time, though not at one another – just the photographers.


tumblr_ng9zr0M7Do1r7bni0o1_400 tumblr_ng9zr0M7Do1r7bni0o7_400

Moet British Independent Film Awards held at Old Billingsgate - Arrivals Featuring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Hunter Where: London, United Kingdom When: 07 Dec 2014 Credit:
Moet British Independent Film Awards held at Old Billingsgate – Arrivals
Featuring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Hunter
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 07 Dec 2014

Everyone The Report is in contact with who knows Cumberbatch says he is a warm, tactile and generous person. Cumberbatch is almost never sour or downcast in nature as he seems to only be with Hunter. Compare the photos above with a photo of Benedict on this same night with Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty on Sherlock. His normal happy-go-lucky self comes out the moment he’s around his friends of either gender. Fans noticed this glaring difference in his demeanour at previous red carpet outings with Hunter, including the NYC premiere of The Imitation Game, when he lit up the moment he saw his good friend Kiera Knightley.

attends an after party celebrating The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2014 at Old Billingsgate Market on December 7, 2014 in London, England.
attends an after party celebrating The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2014 at Old Billingsgate Market on December 7, 2014 in London, England.

Palm Springs International Film Festival, early January 2015. Some Cumberbatch fans think Hunter’s dress and posture were chosen to highlight her pregnancy and embarrass Cumberbatch by taking him off guard. The Report has no opinion on that theory, but the photos certainly support that idea.

When couples walk the red carpet, they coordinate the direction in which they stare so there is uniformity in photographs. This is typical training celebrity couples receive, as it looks awkward if they are looking in different directions. This is not happening here: look at how uncomfortable he looks. It seems he is outraged and talking to someone off the red carpet – probably his publicist Karon, or he is looking away or at the ground while she smugly looks at cameras. Not once on the red carpet do they actually look at one another or smile at one another.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library
Generated by IJG JPEG Library

tumblr_inline_ni50fsgIKb1rfajnltumblr_inline_nhqkgsyc4B1rfajnl  tumblr_nhnq5iD0y91s7ada0o1_400



Again, in case you’re wondering if maybe Cumberbatch is always this downcast, he once again lit up as soon as his friends and colleagues were in sight. Here’s him with Imitation Game co-star Allen Leech.


Oh Golden Globe Awards, 11 January 2015. How can we forget ye? Hunter was just a bundle of warmth and joy this evening! Let us count the ways.

  1. Putting up a fight when Cumberbatch wants to hold her hand. Look at their faces and the acrobatic manoeuvres Cumberbatch seems to be making to get a grip on her hand. At another point on this night, she will only allow him to hold her thumb. (If you have this photo please submit it to us as we’ve been trying to find it.)
  2. Looking at photographers like she wanted to murder them.
  3. Looking at someone Cumberbatch was blowing a kiss to like she wanted to murder them.
  4. Again, drinking while 5 months pregnant.


LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 11: 72nd ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: (l-r) arrive to the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)
LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 11: 72nd ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS — Pictured: (l-r) arrive to the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)



And the granddaddy of events, the 2015 Academy Awards. We’ll include the ice queen behaviour towards her husband here considering how big an event it was. Here we see:

  1. Hunter looking at the man she married one week prior in disgust because he’s taken her hand to kiss it. (His back blocks you from seeing the hand kiss.)
  2. Hunter giving Cumberbatch’s publicist a filthy look because Cumberbatch wouldn’t let her talk to a reporter.
  3. Hunter ignoring her husband kissing her on the cheek while she laps up the cameras. Cumberbatch doesn’t seem that excited to have his lips touching her either, as he’s busy looking at the cameras when you look closely at that photo.
  4. Hunter’s instinctive response to another kiss after the awards show are over? Looking off in the distance in disgust.


tumblr_inline_nknkt2ZUxG1sn6scg tumblr_inline_nslaz1njvp1tvhe9j_540 tumblr_nu45ry9Ftl1u57c32o1_400

By this point you may be wondering how other people close to Cumberbatch feel about Hunter. Kiera Knightley’s body language throughout the night at the Oscars seems to tell all:

tumblr_inline_nk86hs4YXD1sn6scg tumblr_nu5zsjL7sp1u57c32o3_400

Hamlet opening night, 5 August 2015. This is a different flavour of bitch behaviour. These photos are from Cumberbatch leaving stage door after the opening night of Hamlet at the Barbican. Notice how happy he is as he leaves stage door, Hunter looking bored behind him. A few seconds later, Hunter drops his hand and ditches him to walk in front of the cameras as if the crowd is there to see her and as if it was her who was just on stage for 3 hours. In reality, no one cared she was there if they even knew who she was.

Pay attention to the switch in mood happens as soon as she shoves herself in front of cameras: an obnoxious grin appears on her face and the smile on Cumberbatch’s disappears. As soon as she laps up the attention, he looks heartbroken and puts his head down.









21 September 2015 Burberry fashion show. This event came in the wake of rumours the couple was divorcing: we’re shocked. It’s safe to say Cumberbatch’s PR mouthpieces are People and The Daily Mail, as you’ll never hear either say anything that will make them look unflattering or go against his PR official line*. The DM were quick to shoot down those rumours, with the only evidence being photos of this event apparently showing them being lovey-dovey. But when you look at video footage of them arriving, you’ll see the “in love” photos were split second shots of more hostile and tense behaviour from our favourite harridan.

Photographers: Benedict! Benedict!

His wife flips her hair with an annoyed look on her face and stomps away. Cumberbatch meanwhile is busy smiling for cameras, but the smile disappears as he realises he needs to move on with her to not make it look bad in front of cameras.

Photographers: No, wait, stay!



If that’s not bad enough, while seated and waiting for the show to begin, Hunter ignores her husband while he tries to talk to her, prioritising attention towards their handler. He finds someone to smile at in the next shot.



In another shot, she seems engaged while he stares off into space with yet another sad heartbroken look in his eyes. The Report wonders why…


To be continued, watch this space…

Why would anyone man marry such a woman?

All of what you’ve seen above has left fans of the boyish Cumberbatch wondering how such a woman came into his life. When you look at a few facts: Hunter’s own brother admitted the relationship didn’t get serious until late summer 2014 and Cumberbatch was seen dating other women as late as 20 August 2014, it’s clear the actor never intended to settle down with Hunter. They probably didn’t even go on anything more than a few dates when she became pregnant, which means the pregnancy was the only reason Cumberbatch married her.

It’s no secret Cumberbatch has long been wanting to shed the rabid parts of his female fan base: he is not afraid to speak up when they cross the line, and rightly so. So it’s no surprise he strategically uses his wedding ring and reminds people he’s a married man to deflate the hopes of said women, but do not make the mistake that with the idea he wanted to marry Hunter or is even happy with her.

If you think what you see above are the images of a happily spoken-for man, keep reading. We’ll leave you with photos that show you what Cumberbatch looks like when he truly appreciates a woman’s company, and that person appreciates his.

2013, with a Russian named Katia. Keep in mind, it was later exposed Katia was engaged to another man and she enlisted her friends to start rumours in the UK media she was dating Cumberbatch to get famous. It appears Hunter isn’t the first woman who pulled the wool over his eyes.


Cumberbatch with ex-girlfriend Olivia Poulet, who he dated for 12 years until 2010/2011. This photo is from 2008 at the premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl. A convenient fact to remember when certain interested parties claim Hunter knew Cumberbatch for 17 years, which is most certainly a lie to cover up her trapping him with a baby and a shit on his relationship with Poulet.




*Tabloid pro tip: People is the unofficial PR mouthpiece of almost every celeb in existence so Cumberbatch is hardly an exception. You’ll never hear People deviate from any PR agency’s line, no matter how full of shit it is. The Report knows a couple people who used to work there and tells us how they operate. The Report has no first hand confirmation about the DM: we lump them in with People after following a year of established patterns, making it obvious they parrot Cumberbatch’s PR line lock-in-step with People.


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