Are gossip websites stealing Hunter Hype Report exclusives, or is Hunter launching a PR campaign against her husband to make him look bad?

Something is rotten in Denmark.

The Report has just seen a headline from a certain gossip website that has seemingly re-wrapped information from The Report’s friend and source at the Barbican that has been published here on The Report over the past week.

The Report emphatically states no friend of Benedict Cumberbatch would blab to a gossip rag in a way that would make him look as horrible as this article does. The article blatantly makes Hunter look like an angel while trashing her husband. This flies in the face of information The Report has been given, even as the article uses bits of information we first reported, twisting it to make Cumberbatch look like the wrong-doer. The Report is convinced this article’s source is in Hunter’s camp in light of what our friend at the Barbican said about Hunter’s antics backstage.

It’s pretty obvious when one looks at the facts: the man is in the middle of a 3 month run as Hamlet. The plan of this run at the Barbican predates him dating Hunter and her getting knocked up by at least half a year, and Cumberbatch would have known having a newborn is utterly incompatible with doing Hamlet, making it pretty clear Cumberbatch had no intention of becoming a father with Hunter. Therefore, none of Cumberbatch’s friends could in their rights minds take the man to task for neglecting fatherly responsibilities under such circumstances, let alone going to the press about it.

Follow the money trail.

The Report’s inside source at the Barbican is emphatic that Hunter is more than happy to remind everyone she’s his wife as an excuse to shove her theatrical opinions in everyone’s faces to prove what a genius she supposedly is. But when the going gets rough, it appears Hunter and her people (her family, particularly her mother, has long been suspected as the source of numerous tabloid leaks) don’t hesitate to slander her husband’s name in public.

In conclusion, The Report believes the information found on this website is either being taken by gossip websites for clicks and profit, or Hunter is launching a very ugly PR campaign against Benedict Cumberbatch. There is a third possibility this is a controlled PR leak from Cumberbatch’s people, but it seems a drastic measure and for no obvious gain.

This story is in the public domain for a reason.


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