Exclusive Interview: The London Opera World Laughs At Sophie Hunter’s “I’m a director” Claim

Since our source at the Barbican is a name in London opera, The Report asked her what the word on the ground is regarding Hunter’s dubious claims about being an opera director.

The Report has previously written about Hunter claiming to be a director of opera despite having almost no experience in the field. The closest she came to it until late 2015 was working on the “creative team” for an opera someone else had directed. Even the one job Hunter managed to secure in the past two years is hardly worth noting: it was a 30 minute show performed in a horse ring to an audience of a few dozen people, neither of the two shows sold out, and the meager press coverage concentrated on who she’s married to. It was a not-so-friendly reminder no one cared about Hunter before she came into Benedict Cumberbatch’s life, and he’s the only reason we’re hearing about her now. Très feministe, of course.

Revisiting a few quotes from my Barbican source X at the Wednesday interview:

X: “She’s a “opera director and theatre director” but no one I know has heard of her. People are asking, who is she?”

X: “She’s a theatre director. There are, of course, tons of theatre directors around the world.”

This was a redacted quote because X mentioned specific opera houses. I followed up with X on the morning of Sunday, 13 September 2015, asking for permission to publicly disclose more specific information about who in London’s opera scene have been laughing at Hunter’s claims of being an opera director because no one has ever heard of her.

HHR: “Can I include [name of opera house] or is it too specific?”

X: “You can if you want to but I’d just call it an opera house and not be too specific. Then again I worked for [major British opera house 1] and not [major British opera house 2] so I guess that will throw them off.”

HHR: “…I will say ‘a major London opera house.”

With my source’s permission given above, I can now confirm what I used editorial discretion to redact on Wednesday 9 September 2015: la crème de la crème of London opera question and laugh at Sophie Hunter using her status as Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife to promote herself as an “opera director”: the London opera scene has never heard of her doing anything in opera. Needless to say, opera is a small world.

Click here for a more complete list of the lies Hunter has told in attempts to boost her career.


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