Hunter Hype Report World Exclusive: The Second Interview Giving You The Truth Behind Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife. London, 12 September 2015, 5PM GMT.

The conversation began with clarifications from the last interview, so pardon the disjointed nature of the interview.

On Hunter showing up at stage door on 4 September 2015:

“He had texted Sophie to say he was going out with the guys. She had said it was okay. Then she showed up at the end of the show. I had assumed he didn’t go out with them because of her.”

More on Benedict’s stance towards his “nanny” fans vs. those who are skeptical of his marriage to Hunter.

“Benedict and his team in the building do not care about the “skeptics”. They’ve never come up. They talk about the fanatic fans who send them fan art and fan mail. There have been incidents where people have left gifts, just barged into stage door and tried to leave gifts.”

More on Hunter’s personality:

“I just think she’s underwhelming of a person to be honest. I met other guys’ wives and first thing I think is ‘oh what a lovely person’ but with her I think if there was more to her they would say something more than ‘oh what a beautiful person’. It’s never ‘oh she’s so nice’, ‘oh she’s so funny’, the other things you expect to hear about people.”

“She doesn’t talk to people who are not principals. Not that I’ve noticed anyways. From what I’ve seen she doesn’t really seem to approach the other people in the cast. I did see one of the other ensemble actors chat to her at company drinks and she seemed to be responsive but it’s not like she initiated conversation, they had to go to her.”

A fan asks about a previous statement X had made about Benedict having a disconnect with being a father and he is never tired like a new father would be.

X answers:

“I’d like to reiterate that Benedict is obviously very busy at the moment and that we all think the pregnancy wasn’t planned so he’s having to be a father at times which is not that convenient. So all I’m saying is if he’s not looking after Christopher it could be a symptom of what’s going on in his life, but it’s difficult to tell. Obviously being as well known and famous as he is, life does often differ from how a normal person would do things, a sad fact of fame and he’s a very ambitious person so he’s going to want to do his job as well as he can and that’s not going to be compatible with being up all night with a newborn. I do think he loves his kid and he’s certainly excited to be a father whatever that means for him.”

HHR: “Has been he been as excited to be married?”

X: “Honestly he’s never brought up being married.”

HHR: Does he ever mention her?

X: Yes though normally when asked by people.

HHR: Does he seem as excited when asked about her?

X: I wouldn’t call it excited. Only thing I’ve seen are casual conversations on what she’s up to. So not any need or need to feign excitement because it’s not that kind of conversation.

HHR: Can we go back to the wedding ring? I had asked about it but forgot your interpretation on why it’s missing semi-frequently.

X: I don’t really know to be honest with you but it’s something I’ve seen people pick up on. Only thing I can say obviously I’ve worked in theatre a long time and people take their wedding ring on and off all the time and I think it’s easier to forget. But I would say is that it’s more unusual for newlyweds to forget it because it’s new and they’re more aware they’re wearing a piece of jewelry. In my experience it’s more been people married a long time to forget. I just think it’s just cause they’re not as stressed cause i’ve been married for 14 years. A newlywed is more like shit and more conscious. That is just an opinion. I’m sure loads of people will say the opposite but that’s been my experience.”

HHR: You don’t think it’s a symptom there’s any trouble?

X: Well he forgot she’s his wife on Oscar night. I don’t think it’s trouble. I think it’s not like being in a relationship for a long time and then committing to them. I just think he doesn’t see himself as this married man, can’t really explain why.

HHR: Just a feeling?

X: I honestly think his life changed really quickly and he’s kinda getting used to it.

A fan asks about how involved Benedict was in the Barbican production.

X says: I have no idea but he definitely has some involvement because he’s the star. I don’t know anything else.

(the restaurant we’re in closes so we leave to a place with no WiFi)

Now continuing my friend’s answers from after we left the establishment.

A fan asks: Does he know about the gossip? Does it bother him? Does he actually read things like Tumblr and Twitter himself or just rely on others? Does he have an anon account? Would he ever consider having an official website/twitter/facebook/etc?

X answers:

He doesn’t talk about it. I highly doubt he reads Tumblr and Twitter. Again this is just me, I don’t know this but I would have thought his team do that and he tries to keep away. No idea on anon accounts.

HHR: Do you know what his team does?

X: No.


HHR: “Do you think they go away every weekend?

X: “I’ve inferred they’re gone because his weekends seem to be his own. But it may not be every weekend, just the ones I’ve obviously heard of.

HHR: The bit on giving him space, whose idea you think that is.

X: I honestly don’t know who decides they’re going to go away but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for it to have a bit of time between shows.

A fan asks if anyone has seen the baby and whether Benedict is happy to be married or just doing his duty:

X answers:

I do know people who have seen the baby but because it’s a professional work environment there’s no real talk of what he looks like, it’s a breach of trust. And he’s a child, he has not chosen people wanting to know what he’s called and what he looks like.

A fan asks: The question I’d like answered : Are you srsly going to sell Hampstead Heath? Please Don’t!!!! (Anon pls)

HHR starts laughing.

X: What does it say? [as a joke] Yes I’m having an affair. In my dreams.

We both start laughing. This is nothing personal on this question, it’s just we found the wording funny because it assumes I’m talking to Ben.

X: I’ve only worked with him for a bit and I’m not involved in his personal business. I’m somebody who works with him in a team. I’m just around where he is.

HHR: There’s rumours they don’t live together.

X: From what I can tell they do. That’s it really. I suppose it’s just I don’t know how they would practically raise Christopher together esp in this early stage in his life if they don’t. They leave in the same car sometimes and it would be massively complicated if they did but didn’t live together…

A fan asks: what is Hunter really like with Benedict? Does her nastiness spread to him?

X: It’s not that I don’t think something weird is going on but it’s not immediately obvious. In my mind she overcompensates around him. Yeah it does come down to she wants everyone to know they’re together. Some people would think that’s normal but for me it’s this ‘oh we’re so happy’ thing. Why are you trying so hard? I wouldn’t look at them and think oh that’s a fairy tale romance.  It’s the details that are bizarre, not the overall picture.

HHR: the overall impression especially to me from the Oscars and other things like the BAFTA

X: Yeah it’s a bit weird. That’s my impression as well.

HHR: I have a hard time reconciling her frigidity on the red carpet with her excessive overcompensating behaviour witnessed in your time.

X: I’m not saying it makes sense because I know exactly what you mean. I think for the oscars they had a lot of media training on how to come across better.

HHR: Well it didn’t work very well

X: to me, to those that are just stupid and don’t question things it did, you know what i mean? people are like ooh ah, same thing with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

HHR: yes

X: She might overcompesnate now. There might be a variety of reasons, perhaps more of an effort now that he’s around other people she’s worried that he could stray or that people are…she wants people to be aware he’s married and not available. I don’t always think he gives off the impression that he…he still comes across as a man who isn’t married sometimes. I’m not going to say why, it’s not cheating or anything like that, but yeah. People know, can infer. I’m not gonna say anything else. It’s just too much.

HHR editorial: I had the impression she was trying to say he’s flirtatious but she didn’t say so I can’t be sure.

End transmission as my friend had to get back to the Barbican.


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