2 more questions about Benedict Cumberbatch’s marriage.

1 In an interview that took place in January 2015, Hunter claimed she’s known Cumberbatch for 17 years, which brings them to 1997-1998. In 1998 Cumberbatch was in Manchester studying theatre as an undergraduate. Hunter was presumably still at Oxford, which is nowhere near Manchester, studying modern languages. How could they have possibly become friends in 1997 or 1998? And if this is true, then why did their press hype for half a year, most of which was clearly signed off by Hunter and likely Cumberbatch too because of how it blatantly hyped Hunter with false information, state they only met in 2009 when they worked on the film Burlesque Fairytales together?

It should also be noted Cumberbatch’s inner and even outer circles have been well documented among his fans and she was nowhere around, even years after filming a movie together. His fans also note that looking at photos from the Burlesque Fairytales premiere, the two never acknowledged one another.

2 Why was Hunter drinking while pregnant? While most women drink before confirmation they’re having a child, Hunter was photographed at the Evening Standard Awards, the same one where she was filmed throwing a tantrum after ignoring a reporter’s question on the red carpet, with a wine glass in hand. This was late November 2014, when she would have been close to her fourth month. There was also a wine glass in front of her at the Golden Globes in January 2015.

While the child’s birthdate is still unknown as of this writing in August 2015 [edit: it’s since been announced as 1 June 2015], it’s believed due to eyewitness testimony the child was brought home the first week of June that it was born then or as early as late May if it spent time in hospital. The June 13 2015 announcement was delayed, and worded just vaguely enough to make readers not paying close attention believe it had been born that day, when it in fact never specifically stated that. It is also noteworthy tabloids confirmed Cumberbatch was dating Hunter the second week of September, more or less nine months to the day they announced she’d already given birth. The confirmation was in The Mirror, and was the result of a controlled leak from either Hunter’s family or Cumberbatch’s PR; Hunter’s mother was particularly enthusiastic and eager to speak to the press for the article before Cumberbatch himself had confirmed he was in a relationship.

If Cumberbatch is the father of her child, she could not have conceived exactly nine months prior to this time for a significant part of early September, since he was abroad in Toronto, Canada. It should also be remembered in late August he was still dating other women. In mid-August she was in Scotland and photos show she was getting physically affectionate with the other men on that trip while she has consistently shown she considers a mere touch by her husband to be anathema to her.

November 2014, 3 months pregnant:
Hunter drinking on the cusp of her fourth month into her pregnancy.

January 2015, 5 months pregnant, with photoediting by the-fellowship-of-erdemhart:


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