21 Questions About Benedict Cumberbatch’s marriage.

Originally published April 3, 2015.

1) Why was Hunter permanently living in New York until June 2014?Her friends’ instagram accounts confirm this. She spent her March birthday with what appears to be her then boyfriend. Her brother was reported to have said on 5 November 2014 the romance began five months prior, only getting serious in late summer. Yet articles Benedict’s publicist must have signed off on about how long she and Benedict were dating range from 1-5 years. (He was in relationships or dating other women as late as August 2014: see below.)

2) Why was Benedict photographed on a date with a leggy blonde as late as 20 August 2014? The photos are easily found online and are below: it’s clearly not Hunter. One man on Twitter stated she was his “stunning” girlfriend, assuming by the behaviour he witnessed of the two. Some tweets were deleted. Look closely at the second photo and you can see they were seated together.

3) Why was Benedict not with Hunter from 9 June to 29 August 2014? When Benedict returned to London in August, she was elsewhere, suggesting she was in no hurry to see her supposed then boyfriend after being apart for two months. (There was one confirmed sighting of him and a brunette in early August; no proof it was Hunter; all photos of him in Italy places him by himself.) It DOES support her brother’s words that it only became serious in late summer, but then why propose two months after getting serious if not for an unplanned pregnancy?

4) Why did he not walk the red carpet with Hunter at the London Film Festival in the first week of October? She was already pregnant even by the most forgiving estimates. She arrived in a people mover a few moments before him and video footage shows her looking at the security people like she wanted to disembowel them. Fans and footage shows her walking in with a sour look on her face.

5) Why did Una Stubbs, who’s known Benedict since he was four, say one week before the engagement announcement he wants children and is just waiting for the right woman? She is good friends with his mother and should have known about the presence of Hunter in his life at the very least if she was comfortable enough to discuss his private life to a paper.

6) Why has Benedict insisted his private life is private throughout Oscar season when he timed every announcement to optimise his award season chances? The engagement hit the papers two days before the TIG promotion began; the pregnancy announcement as the first round of Oscar voting began; the wedding in the final Academy voting days.

7) No sooner than the engagement announcement, why did someone start scrubbing her CV on IMDB of her more embarrassing projects, and why did all the fluff pieces on her state she directed and won awards for performances she never directed or won awards for?

8) At the New York TIG premiere, why did the couple hold hands as they walked to their car, and then drop them as soon as the cameras stopped snapping? They were then filmed getting into their SUV separately.

9) On another occasion they were seen entering the back of the SUV from separate sides, with Benedict’s niece Emily in between them. On just about every red carpet appearance they appear to barely tolerate one another: after a sudden engagement why do they appear to not like, let alone love one another?

10) Why did Hunter throw a tantrum at the Evening Standard Awards in December, and stomp off, leaving Benedict speechless and his PR Karon Maskill flustered before live cameras?

11) In a Vogue interview with Anna Wintour in late 2014, why did she state he and Hunter were photographed in Edinburgh together in October when they in fact never were?

12) Why, in a fan video that captured the moment he was asked about the possibility of “Cumberbabies”, did Benedict look inconsolable, like he was about to weep?

13) When they touch one another, why is Benedict constantly struggling to hold her hand? In one video, she keeps her fist clenched as he holds the tip of her pinky. In another he seems to be using both hands to unclench hers so he could hold one of them.

14) Why did Benedict say in November he was planning his wedding in his sleep, when in early January he said he wasn’t planning it yet?The April 2015 Vogue article states the wedding dress designers said in January it took them three months to design the dress: that means they were working on the dress from the day of the engagement announcement, if not before.

15) Why was an elaborate lie created about the wedding dress? The April 2015 Vogue article claims Valentino rushed to make the dress in 3 months when they typically take 6 months per dress, but photos from the Spring/Summer 2014 Valentino haute couture show proves what is allegedly Hunter’s wedding dress was in fact created for their collection that season that showed on January 22 2014, which means it was designed in 2013, before Hunter began dating Benedict. That is, if you believe she actually wore that dress to her wedding: many see too many inconsistencies to believe it’s the same dress. Was this dress only shown for promotional purposes as part of a contract?

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16) At the BAFTAs video shows Hunter angrily shoving Benedict’s arm off her back before forcefully taking it and pulling it very close to her. Later that evening in the audience, with Mark Strong sitting behind them, she appeared to say something to him with a look of anger on her face. Why is Hunter often throwing tantrums at her soon-to-be husband over minor matters?

17) Why did Benedict arrange for staged paparazzi photos in the days before and after the Oscars? In the most shamelessly self-promoting one, the couple are seen to be engaging in out-of-character PDA while leaning against a Jaguar that was clearly meant as an advertisement for the car, even leaving the door open to display the lush interior. The car company even admitted to one fan on Twitter the pseudo-paparazzi photo it was an advertisement.

Why would a man as fiercely private as Benedict monetize his honeymoon via a car company and paparazzi photographers?

By contrast, we saw no paparazzi photos of the couple from November to early February, and no sightings from people on social media. Shortly after this a few more blitzes of paparazzi photos emerged in the South Pacific and California.

18) On Oscar night, why did Benedict refuse to let his wife talk to a reporter, and then smugly shook his head as he turned back around? Why did Hunter have a look of disgust on her face when she turned to Karon Maskill?

19) On Oscar night why did footage show Benedict leaning to kiss her, as she instinctively leaned back to pull away from him before turning around with a look of disgust and embarrassment on her face?

20) Why does the tumblr blog BenophieDaily and the now deleted tumblr annickpass/fleur-fleur have what are clearly private photos of Hunter taken by friends that no one else on the internet has and only people who know her could know about, and why do those two blogs have paparazzi photos of the couple before anyone else on the internet did?

21) Why does the couple not confirm a due month, let alone a specific due date?

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