11 MORE Questions About Benedict’s Publicity Driven Marriage

Originally published May 10, 2015.

11 more questions, a followup to this post.

1) Why did the due date move from late June to late May? In January, WWD reported Hunter was directing two plays in the weeks after she gave birth late June. It turns out both projects are not until much later in the year and far less prestigious than reported, and her due date was bumped up to late May in March. WWD could not have pulled out this tidbit from nowhere, since her involvement in both projects have been confirmed, albeit at different dates: they had to have had an inside source.

It seems like the original WWD story had the purpose of 1) moving up her due date to make it sound like she was in a serious relationship with Benedict when she became pregnant and 2) make her look like a wonderwoman who was directing two projects weeks after giving birth.

2) Is it a coincidence that the gossip blind site Crazy Days and Nights ran a blind saying a “C list celebrity” was embarrassed while paying a medical bill when the receptionist confirmed her due date was a month prior to what the C lister had told her “A list foreign born actor” husband? The subtext of the blind was the wife was deceiving her husband for a reason. The blind was revealed to be about Benedict and Hunter months after the June to May date shift.



3) How did a pregnant Hunter fit into the lace Valentino Spring 2014 gown the company gave her to wear to her wedding? Lace in that style cannot be altered. My own seamstress, who also designs wedding gowns, stated why here:http://bitchy-sophiehunter-pics.tumblr.com/post/116936481514/i-asked-my-seamstress-if-a-pregnant-woman-could.  It’s extremely unlikely the fashion house made another dress just for her given the short time frame from engagement to wedding.

4) Why did Tom Hiddleston give a jolt and look of disgust or embarrassment the second he saw Benedict giving his wife a kiss on the cheek backstage after the final night of Letters Live in April 2015? Louise Brealey and her boyfriend seemed to have a similar reaction.

5) In that same instance, why did Hunter wince as her husband smooched her cheek, and as soon as it was over, why did call out to other people to join the photo, clearly for the purpose of avoiding acknowledging or responding to her husband’s PDA?

6) As soon as the kiss ended and his wife directed her attention to someone else, why did Benedict look so sad/downcast? This is a couple that’s been married not three months, and it’s not the first time she has displayed being put off by his affection (see the original 21 questions for other examples).

You can see the video here if you disagree about how these three points went down: http://bitchy-sophiehunter-pics.tumblr.com/post/115570615384/the-fellowship-of-erdemhart-behind-the-scenes-of

7) Where are the public records of the February 2015 marriage?

8) How did Benedict get permission to wed on the Isle of Wight? In the UK, in order to wed in a specific church, at least one person in the marrying couple must have a tie to the church. That means the person, or someone one or two generations back must have been wed, baptised and/or attended the church. If not, one party must have attended the church at least 6 months prior to banns being wed. Neither Benedict or Hunter have that close of a familial connection to The Isle of Wight, and they were not even a exclusive, monogamous couple 6 months prior to 14 February 2015 (see photos of Benedict with a tall blonde in late August 2015 that appeared in The Mirror).

9) At the Adobe Summit in May 2015, why did Benedict complain of journalists who noted he and his girlfriend don’t hold hands? The only instance and source of comments such as this are in regards to him with Hunter, and the only people observing it are skeptical fans on sites like Celebitchy and Tumblr, not journalists in write-ups about Benedict.

10) On their California vacation, why did the couple go whale-watching when Hunter was in her 2nd trimester? The placard in the background of these likely-staged paparazzi photos clearly states no pregnant women are to board the company’s boats.

11) Why has Benedict been losing an unhealthy amount of weight since late 2014? Many have thought this is the reason why his wedding ring doesn’t fit a mere 2 months since his wedding, and the loss of his…butt. It’s hard to imagine the weight loss is for Hamlet, his only role in coming months, or for Doctor Strange, which newspapers report will require him to bulk up.

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